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6" Chimney System for Mobile Home


  • Model: ccs6MH-WM
  • Shipping Weight: 99lbs
  • Manufactured by: White Metal

Here is a video that shows you the components needed for chimney systems and the way to select the right ones and how they fit together.

Here is a sample 6" Chimney System for Mobile Home - add the necessary interior double wall pipe to complete the system. Mobile Home installations also require bolting the stove to the floor, a ground wire to the framing and outside air source thru floor or wall.

Other Options include:
Attic Insulation Shield
Pipe Shields
Elbows for

Close Clearance Double Wall Interior Stovepipe is AVAILABLE HERE This is required for mobile and modular home chimney systems. For your information BUILDING PERMITS for mobile or modular homes are issued and inspected by federal standards under H.U.D. and not your local city or county building departments. Click here for more information and find your local agency for building permits.  

Our Complete Basic 6" Wood Stove Chimney System PRICE INCLUDES:
1 - 6" Stainless Cap w/Spark Arrestor - part#6WCA
1 - 6" Storm Collar - part#6WSC
1 - 6" Flashing Flat to 6/12 Pitch 4" Skirt - part#6WF
1 - 6" Ceiling Support box - part#6WCS - for flat finished ceiling - choose 11 inch box for unfinished or sloped ceilings - part#6WRS11
2 - 6" x 36" Chimney Pipe Section - part#6W36

Your mobile home chimney system is required to include double wall interior stove pipe.
Click here to select that pipe to complete this chimney system.

Chimney Installation Specifications and Tips:
This chimney pipe is 9" outside diameter and requires 2" of clearance to any combustible materials. It must rise thru the roof to a height that is 2' taller than the nearest surface within 10' horizontally, which is usually the ridge. The chimney is also required to extend at least 3' from the roofline. If the chimney extends over 4' from the roof surface then support bars are required to stabilize it. Half inch thin walled "EMT" conduit from a electrical or hardware store is often used, which you will see on the video we offer here. The chimney sits in a support box that is 14" square and attaches to the ceiling framing on all four sides by 3 screws or nails each. The 6WCS support box included here has a trim attached to it and is designed for a finished level ceiling. If your ceiling has a slope or is unfinished then you need to order an 11" deep or deeper support box to hang into the room far enough for the connection to the interior stovepipe to be far enough away from the ceiling for safe clearances.

If you need further assistance in making sure to get the correct pipe just send us an email to with a list of concerns, the stove make and model and the answers to the list below. Here are the primary considerations in potential variations from our standard system listed here:

  1. Your pipe size (6 inch or 8 inch ID)
  2. Single wall stove pipe or double wall stove pipe interior (check your stove clearances to decide)
  3. Height from stove top to ceiling support box
  4. Ceiling pitch-slope
  5. Roof pitch
  6. Height from ceiling support box bottom to the top of the pipe. The pipe must extend 2 feet over nearest ridge or surface within 10 feet horizontally.
  7. Zip code for shipping costs

Wood Stove Chimney Installation Sequence Guide - HERE
Wood Stove Safety and Maintenance Tips - HERE
Installing the DVL Close Clearance Connector Guide - HERE
6 inch Close Clearance Adapter found HERE

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