Earth Stove Pellet Stoves Parts Identification video on the stoves

Watch this video to find the location and of replacement parts for any of the Earth Stove Pellet Stoves by seeing where they are located on this HP40 insert model. We go thru the cup motor, auger motor, snap disc sensors, control panel, combustion and convection blowers so you can see each part installed and methods of servicing them.
Then watch our “Earth Stove pellet stove finding parts video” to guide you thru finding your parts list, owners manual and technical manuals for any type of service or replacement parts.Then watch this compimentary video to see the HP40 Earth Stove pellet stove components which are nearly identical to all Earth Stove pellet stoves.…
Make sure to download your owners manual for your stove which has a very helpful 6 Step Troubleshooting Guide which takes you step by step thru identifying which parts are causing the symptoms you are witnessing when your stove is not operating correctly. You will find these parts and manuals and more helpful videos on our web site at If you still need assistance after going thru these resources you can email us at

Guide to Finding Earth Stove Pellet Stove Parts Video

Watch this video for guidance in finding Earth Stove Pellet Stove parts, manuals and parts list on our web site. Here we review the most commonly replaced parts for this Natural Fire series of pellet stoves which uses the original Traeger pellet stove feed system.

Then watch our complimentary video which shows you exactly where each part is located, what they look like and suggestions for replacing them with helpful tips, on the Earth Stove HP40 insert.
We sold and serviced these stoves and even helped in their design so after reviewing the parts list, manuals and self service guide, if you still need assistance, just let us know.
Email us with any questions at and order parts and find manuals, parts lists and informational pages at

Wood Stove Chimney System Components & Installation video review

Watch as we review the White Metal/Twin Stack Class A Wood Stove Chimney Pipe components that will help you prepare for installation of this and the interior pipe to go with it. This video reviews the complete process from the stove brochure specifications and owners manual specs thru the series of components for all aspects of a vertical installation. We review the methods of installing single wall stove pipe with a slip connector and optional stove pipe shield for closer clearances or Dura Vent DVL Double Wall stovepipe as another option for closer wall clearances to combustibles. You will find all of these components on our web site ready to order at… We do sell a wide variety of other chimney pipe for wood, pellet and gas stoves and only have a small portion of them listed on our web site. Although each brand of chimney differs in their specific components, this video review may be valuable in considering any modern chimney installation. This type of installation is only suitable for a licensed contractor trained in this type of installation. Contact us if you need further assistance in ordering these parts at