You can install your own Wood Stove Chimney!

Wood Stove Chimney Diagram

Wood Stove Chimney Diagram

Here’s a do it yourself project that you can accomplish in a few hours on the weekend. First a word of caution. Wood Stove Chimney can be dangerous if not installed properly, so be sure to follow all the chimney pipe manufactures instructions and all the wood stove manufacturers installation instructions from their owner’s manual. You can click here to find owner’s manuals for many wood stove models. You can order everything you need right on our website. We have wood stove chimney order forms that start with a basic chimney system that you can add parts to as needed.

Here are a few things to consider before you get started:

Your internal pipe size (6 inch or 8 inch ID)

Single wall stove pipe or double wall stove pipe interior? - (check your stove clearances to decide)

Height from stove top to ceiling support box - This determines how much interior pipe will be needed, depending on how far the support box hangs into the room if it is a sloped ceiling.

Ceiling pitch-slope – This determines which support box you’ll need.

Roof pitch – This determines which roof flashing you’ll need.

Height from ceiling support box bottom to the top of the pipe – The pipe must extend 2 feet over nearest ridge or surface within 10 feet horizontally.

Once you have all your wood stove chimney parts together, lay out the position of the stove on the floor based on the stove manufacturers clearances to get the position of the center of the flue. Drop a plumb bob down from the ceiling to see where the pipe needs to penetrate . Keep in mind that the support box will need to go through your ceiling supports, which typically are 16″ on center, so you may need to place the support box offset from where the stove sits and use elbows inside the room to angle the pipe back to it or change the position of the stove.

Once you have determined the position of the support box, you can then find the proper spot for the roof penetration and cut your hole. You’ll need to follow the pipe manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to maintain a 2″ clearance to any combustibles. On a typical composition roof, the roof flashing would be installed under the shingles on the upper side of the roof  and over the shingles on the lower side. The wood stove chimney coming through the flashing is sealed with a high temperature sealant around  the pipe and then the storm collar is squished down over the sealant. Another bead is then put around the gap on top of the storm collar to complete the job.

Click here to go to our web site where you can easily order any chimney system from standard systems to all the options. Or copy and paste this url address in your browser

Watch the video below for a review of  a wood stove chimney installation components. has used stoves just in time for Winter

Is your house ready for Winter? has a full line of new stoves, but you may not know we also have many Used Stoves in Wood, Pellet & Gas available. A used stove may be just what you need to get ready for the upcoming power outages and high gas prices that we all remember from last Winter.  This may be the most economical way for you to add that extra backup heat source or make that family room everyone hangs out in cozy while keeping the thermostat in the rest of the house turned down.

Regency RA7 Small Wood Stove-Used

Used Regency RA7 Small Wood Stove at

If you’d like to burn wood, the Regency RA7 Small Wood Stove is an excellent choice for homes up to 1,200 sq. ft. It has a matte black painted finish, 6″ flue, self cleaning glass door, and an owner’s manual is available upon request  This item has been sold.

Earth Stove MP250 Pellet Stove - Used

Earth Stove MP250 Pellet Stove - Used

If pellets sound more convenient and you’re not worried about power outages but just want something more economical than your gas or electric furnace, then check out the used Earth Stove MP250 Pellet Stove that is part of the Natural Fire series of pellet stoves from Earth Stove company. These stoves have become famous for their ability to burn a wide variety of quality of pellets due to their bottom feeding positive pressure combustion system. It comes with-

- 90 day parts warrantee – each stove is carefully refurbished and test burned by our factory trained staff
- up to 50,000 BTU output heats up to 2,000 sq. ft. or more
- Brass door
- thermostat control
- simple troublefree manual lighting system with start cycle
Avalon DVL Gas Burning Insert - Used

Avalon DVL Gas Burning Insert - Used

For the ultimate in backup heat and convenience, you can’t beat a gas stove. If you already have an inefficient fireplace, the Avalon DVL Gas Burning Insert would make a great addition to your house. This  insert is thermostatically controlled and comes with a heat activated variable speed blower. The insert is about 6 years old but was not used very often and comes with a 90 day parts warranty. The Avalon DVL Gas Burning Insert has a variety of faces that will fit to give it different appearances.
A new “Used” stove may be just what your house needs to make it warm and cozy this Winter without driving up your heating bill. Check out our Used Stoves in Wood, Pellet & Gas for a stove that’s the perfect fit and email us at for more information.

Avalon Arbor Wood Stove Sale is happening at

During the 1870s, burning wood produced 75% America’s energy. Over the years coal, and then oil, reduced wood use. By 1972 wood accounted for only 1% of the energy used in the United States. In the 1970s, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the energy crisis helped make wood burning an attractive alternative again. More recently environmental concerns and strict EPA regulations have helped wood stoves really come into their own. EPA-certified stoves now burn 72-82% more cleanly than those of the past, making wood’s former reputation as a dirty fuel obsolete. Wood has a much higher BTU capacity than gas, and wood is also a renewable resource. Trees are being replanted at an unprecedented rate, which also helps improve air quality, as trees use carbon dioxide to produce more oxygen. Additionally, buying firewood keeps your energy dollars in the local economy $. Cut your own wood and save BIG. At we have a large selection of Wood Stove Fireplaces and InsertsPellet Stoves and Fireplace InsertsNatural Gas and Liquid Propane Gas (LP, LPG) Stoves and Wall Heaters.

The Arbor™ wood stove was developed from a passion for life and reflecting the vitality of the natural world. Emphasizing beauty and harmony, the Arbor has the subtle artistic detail of cast cherry blossoms and large double doors with 190 square inches of ceramic glass. The top loading firebox offers incredibly easy wood loading. For a medium size wood stove, the Arbor can hold up to 65 pounds of wood and the cross-draft combustion technology makes wood burning clean and efficient. You can expect burn times up to 12 hours (depending on wood-type). The Arbor features a built in slide-out ash drawer with removable pan which makes ash removal easy and convenient. This stove includes fine quality details in the castings inside and out. The non-catalytic cross-draft system, heavy-duty-refractory, unbelievable combustion and the option of a 160 CFM blower make this stove an easy sell for you. We even included a custom designed, extra-long wrought iron poker and gloves for added convenience!

Save up to $300 on the Avalon Arbor wood stove now, available in Brown and Black Matte. Limited to stock on hand! Think this is the stove for you?  Click here for the Avalon Arbor brochure. Questions? Send to

Whitfield Pellet Stove Parts offered at

Did you know that parts for your Whitfield Pellet Stove are just a few clicks away? offers more than 15,000 parts online in addition to new & used wood, gas and pellets stoves, chimney pipe, solar attic fans and more. Shop now for the most commonly replaced pellet stove parts such as super igniters, auger motors, replacement blowers and stove door gasket kits. offers How-To videos on replacing these parts and step-by-step instructions for placing an order, downloading the parts list for your stove and confirming the correct part has been selected before ordering.

Finding Pellet Stove Parts Guide

Do you know the exact model of Whitfield Pellet Stove you have? A video is available to help you identify the stove correctly.

How To Identify Your Whitfield Pellet Stove

Now is the perfect time of year to handle all pellet stove maintenance and prepare for the cooler seasons ahead. offers owner’s and technical manuals, maintenance tips and more to help with your pellet stove needs. Most parts ship and are delivered within 5-7 business days. Questions about parts? You are welcome to send questions via email to, be sure to include your stove’s make, model and serial number!

Super ignitors are available as aftermarket replacements to original factory part numbers  12140213 and 12150213. Online sale price: $113.40

Whitfield auger motors are also available. Aftermarket replacement for 12046300, online sale price: $118.80

Looking for replacement firebrick or fireback? We have these too for all Whitfield pellet stoves. Download a free parts list to determine the correct part number for your stove model. Search for any fireback within our site by part number.

Don’t forget to download your free parts list here.

Stove Cleaning Checklist from Wood Heat Stoves & Solar

After your stove has had a season of hard work it is time to show your appreciation for the trouble free operation by going thru recommended annual service as listed in your user’s manual that can be found by clicking here 

Wood and Pellet Stove Cleaning 
On all pellet and woodstoves you will need cleaning brushes and rods for the vent pipes. Find your brushes and rods by clicking here. Be sure to consider where all this soot is going as you brush these pipes and have tarps and shop vacuums ready to keep the soot out of the air and off of the floor. Beware that you don’t push the soot into parts of the stove that are harder to clean out when you are done.

Gas Stoves – Inserts – Fireplaces
Gas stoves build up soot around the logs, pilot assemblies and burners, after a season of use. Usually a professional gas service man is best for this task but some more technically oriented customers do their own maintenance. Your manual is the best resource for instructions on this task. The pilot assembly and pilot generators are the most common parts needing cleaning, adjustment or replacement. They can be tested with a multimeter for the millivolts that they are
generating and compared to the minimum specifications. Troubleshooting information is located by clicking here -
Replacement Parts
Electrical components: Blowers get covered with dust and animal fur during the season and lose their efficiency until they are cleaned with a duster brush and vacuum. Auger motor bearings can wear out on your pellet stove. Now is the time to replace blowers and other motors that are becoming noisy as this is the first sign that failure is imminent. You will find most of these parts on our web site or contact us by email and we will find the parts you need if possible.

 Worn out Gaskets
Most door gaskets get worn out in a year or two and need replacement to keep the airtight function of any stove. You can check your door gasket by taking a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill and holding it in the door gasket while latching the door closed tightly. Then try to pull the paper thru the closed door and test it all the way around the door. If it is slips thru anywhere, you need to replace the gasket. We offer gaskets and glue on our web site.

 Programmable and Remote Thermostats for Gas Stoves
All gas stoves can run on a thermostat by connecting two wires to the valve.  We suggest that you add one versus manual operation. They can be wired and programmable for the ease and efficiency of automatic temperature changes at different times of the day. Or, you can choose wireless remote controls with simple on/off, thermostatic or programmable thermostat functions for ultimate control and ease of operation. Find them on our web site by clicking here. 12426 N. Bloomfield Rd.
Nevada City, CA 95959
Fax 530-265-8656

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