One of the cleanest used pellet stoves we’ve offered-Whitfield PROFILE 30 Pellet Burning Free Standing

We’ve had many used pellet stoves over the years but this is one of the cleanest we’ve come across. Whitfield is known for reliability and this is a beautiful example of one of their best models. The Whitfield Profile 30 delivers a higher degree of convenience, efficiency and comfort. Start-up is incredibly easy with the FastFire self-igniter and suddenly you have a bright, vibrant fire that delivers up to 38,000 BTU heating. With exceptional fuel capacity and up to 41 hours of continuous operation, the Profile 30 exemplifies why homeowners love the performance of these modern pellet stoves.



This stove is not only aesthetically pleasing with it’s bay-view design but is also extremely efficient with it’s patented UltraGrate that achieves nearly 100% combustion and emits just 1.9 grams of particulate per hour, eight times less than Federal Emissions Standards. It delivers up to 38,000 BTUs an hour with an efficiency rating of 81%. A wall mount thermostat allows automatic, customized control of the room temperature. An exclusive air wash system prevents ash build-up on the viewing glass for unobstructed fire viewing.

With the largest ash pan available, it requires emptying only 2-3 times a year. It comes with a self-igniter and it’s large 50 lb. hopper and innovative automatic feed system eliminates constant tending to the fire and burnout. It’s also able to burn both “Premium” and “Standard” grade wood pellet fuel with up 3% ash content as defined by the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI). This unit comes with the ignitor and log set but the heat ex-changer rod is broken.

This is a great stove in good condition that we’ve test burned. It was cared for well by it’s previous owner. You can read more on our website.


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Cleaning your pellet stove – Whitfield Profile 30 partial review


We found this video on You Tube and realized that it could be valuable to our customers even if we don’t necessarily agree with the technique used in all aspects. Here this fellow is cleaning a Whitfield Profile 30 or 20 pellet stove but we suggest that you make sure your vacuum has a super filter system, don’t suck up hot ashes and use wood stove glass cleaner not the stuff for gas stoves that he shows on the video. This video is beneficial for showing you the way that trap doors in heat exchangers, burn pot and baffle plates will need to be removed for a proper, thorough cleaning. Use the instructions for your specific stove in the owners manual that came with it. You can find pellet stove owner’s manuals on our web site here