Avalon Tree of Life Greensmart Stove ON SALE at WoodHeatStoves.com

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All Avalon stoves are on sale now at www.woodheatstoves.com Choose from a wide selection of Avalon brand gas, wood and pellet stoves including this beautiful Tree of Life Greensmart Gas stove. Offered in brown enamel or black matte, the Avalon Tree of Life GS features a three-sided fire-view, specially hand-carved log set and award-winning Ember Frye™ burner creating a realistic wood-like fire with a gorgeous flame from all angles. With a cast-iron body and double doors featuring the unique pattern of trees and branches, this stove presents an attractive heating solution for the home.

The Avalon Tree of Life GS provides exceptionally efficient heating with a turn-down ratio of 60-percent for control over the heat produced; Greensmart  technology makes this unit a solid choice for energy efficient heating. Researching new pellet or wood stoves for sale? View the complete list of models featured in the Avalon Stove Sale and decide which fuel type suits your needs best. For help with selecting your new stove, use Choosing Your New Heater for tips or feel free to reach out to us, info@woodheatstoves.com We look forward to providing excellent service and welcome any inquiries you may have!

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