Pellet Stove Parts for Whitfield Advantage models

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Looking for parts to get your Whitfield pellet stove in tip top shape for the season? We have made it easier. There are many different stove models is the Advantage series so look under the lid of the hopper for your label. Check to confirm MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER, the serial number typically follows the letters WH-.
Once you have identified your stove, download a parts list for all Whitfield pellet stove parts and go to the page that matches your stove.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible! You’ll find all the part numbers listed as live links, simply click your part number and you will go right to the product page on our site for pricing and ordering options.
Avoid ordering incorrectly by following this process each time you need pellet stove parts. If you can’t identify your stove, send us a picture of the LABEL and the stove itself to, we’re happy to help.

Find all of your WHITFIELD pellet stove parts on parts list with CLICKABLE LINKS!

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Find all of your WHITFIELD pellet stove parts on parts lists with CLICKABLE LINKS!

Use this parts list for locating any WHITFIELD, EARTH STOVE, TRADITIONS & BRASS FLAME pellet stove parts. Save this document or at least the pages for your stove model, for future reference.

You will find all of the Whitfield pellet stove parts and other brand names now owned by Lennox on this or the newer parts list located here.

43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim

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43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim 

Actual dimension is closer to 42 7/8″ x 42 7/8″, the angled front edge measures 52 3/4″ from the corner

Price is FOB Nevada City but low freight rates. Send an email to with your zip code to determine shipping costs at lowest rate to business address with fork lift (or loading dock), or to nearest shipping terminal. For higher cost we can ship to a residential address with a liftgate on truck. You may also pick from our Nevada City, California location. We offer more items used and other hearth accessories, let us know how we can help!

USED EPA approved Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove

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USED Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove
(a current model, serial number 111124)
EPA approved! for clean burning and high efficiency!
Featuires a gold plated door and ash drawer. Heats up to 2,000 square foot area.
See here for stove specs and owner’s installation manual. 

Item for sale is used, photo shown as example

We also have great prices on complete chimney systems and offer discounts with a stove purchase. Price is FOB Nevada City but we have excellent freight rates and can ship it most places in the USA for around $200. Just send us an email to with your complete ship-to address for a shipping quote.

Troubleshooting your Quadrafire pellet stove |

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We recently acquired these older videos that are specific to the Quadrafire 1100-I and 1200 model pellet stoves. This is the time of year people begin checking their pellet stoves for proper function, just in time to order and install replacement parts if necessary before the heating season begins. Depending on where you live, finding a pellet stove repair person can be difficult. A lot of pellet stove owners do their own maintenance and aside from the owner’s manual, technical videos and technician’s manuals can come in handy.

Looking for Quadrafire replacement parts? Check out the parts lists for download at, available for just about every Quafrafire pellet stove model.

Whitfield Igniter Replacement and other Maintenance Tips|

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Pellet stove maintenance is best performed before the heating season begins, to make sure you are prepared for cold weather. The most commonly replaced pellet stove items include igniter elements, auger motors and fire brick. Most Whitfield, Earth Stove and Traditions brand pellet stove owners, prefer the more durable aftermarket stove igniters over factory original pellet parts. This is true for pellet stove fireback replacements and auger motors as well. Check out this Super Igniter which replaces Whitfield original factory part numbers H8127, 12140213 and 12150213; offered with a six month parts warranty. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar also offers PP3500 pellet stove igniter replacement which comes with a one year warranty and fits pellet stoves calling for those same original part numbers listed above. Need to test your igniter? IGNITER BENCH TEST: Bench test igniter by carefully connecting to AC power leads out of the stove with igniter placed on a concrete surface. The tip should turn red hot within 5 to 10 minutes***. ***Be sure to use insulated wire connectors and use safe electrical wiring practices.

How is your auger motor running?  AUGER MOTOR BENCH TEST: Take motor out of the stove and run direct AC power to it; hold with vice grip through more than one rotation to see if gears are stripped. Beware there are many things that can jam an auger so check to see that the auger runs freely on bushing and consider upgrading bushing. We have a video on this process in our INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS ***. ***Be sure to use insulated wire connectors and use safe electrical wiring practices.

Our Stove Information Center is packed with videos and free PDFs for download to make troubleshooting and repairing common pellet stove problems easier. offers a terrific collection of pellet stove troubleshooting and part replacement videos on our YouTube channel.

Preparing your Pellet, Gas or Wood Stove for Fall |

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Are you prepared to heat your home? August is a popular month to ready your stove for the season and is just around the corner! If you have a pellet stove, auger motors, igniters or snap switches may need replacing. Aside from a chimney sweep, your wood stove may need new firebricks or gaskets. Annually, it is a good idea to have your gas stove serviced. Check for blackening glass, delayed ignition or dust near the valve-these are signs you should have a certified technician come out to service the gas appliance. Wood Heat Stoves and Solar makes part replacement easy. Simply download a free parts list in PDF format that matches your stove. Type any part number from your parts list into the search box at for pricing and ordering options. To avoid ordering incorrectly, make SURE you have watched the How To Identify My Stove Video and confirmed by a label on the stove itself, the MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER of the unit. For more information or help finding parts, send your request to With over 30 years of experience servicing, installing and supplying parts for gas, pellet and wood stoves, Wood Heat Stoves & Solar will do their best to get you what you need. Don’t wait until November to take these steps or you may find yourself waiting on parts due to back orders as peak season for stove parts and service is from about October to January.

STOVES FOR SALE! | Wood Heat Stoves & Solar of Nevada City, California

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Save up to $500 on Avalon wood stove models…these units must go!
We have many other great wood, gas and pellet stove models for sale at, including those from Hearthstone, Osburn and Flame.
Looking for the perfect unit to fit your heating needs? Unsure of the efficiency your current model offers? Need to weigh the options of a new vs. used stove?
Check for a long list of stove models and their ratings.
We offer most of the units available for local pick-up or shipment. Send us an email and let us know how we can help!


Efficient Home Heating |

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We have covered this topic quite a bit and regularly discuss the function and efficiency of older non-EPA wood stoves vs. newer EPA certified models. A lot customers purchase parts for their old stoves from us and are surprised at high costs or disappointed to find parts are no longer made. Although your old wood stove is in tact, burning wood and heating your home, the stove lacks efficiency and is costing you much more in fuel than a new stove would; while also contributing to air pollution.
Since 1988 the EPA has required newly built stoves to meet emissions guidelines of 4.1 grams/hour of particle matter for a catalytic stove or 7.5 grams/hour for a non-catalytic stove. If your stove was made prior to 1988, these standards provided by the Clean Air Act are not being met. If you are not worried about the environmental effects of extra smoke or what some may perceive as government bureaucracy, how about your own pocketbook? The costs of fuel needed to keep your home heated with a non-certified stove will add up tremendously in just one season!

photo from

A lot of folks are taking this issue seriously at the community, personal and government levels. Check out the Wood Stove Decathlon, scheduled for November 15th, that is taking place at the National Mall in Washington DC! We were excited to find this article and learn that 14 teams are competing for the most innovative stove design!

from Popular Mechanics, Alliance for Green Heat & Wood Stove Design Challenge

The upcoming event will include international competitors and is driven mainly by the need for less particulates in the atmosphere and a desire to reduce levels of smoke. Alliance for Green Heat and Popular Mechanics have come together and offered “The People’s Choice Awards for the Wood Stove Design Challenge”. The finalists are listed by Popular Mechanics, you can cast your vote HERE. As long as your old stove lasts and parts are still available, we can help with door gaskets, replacement glass, sometimes even the doors themselves! But as the issue comes to the forefront of our industry, we should all take some time to calculate the cost of keeping these units running vs. starting fresh with a newly designed, more efficient and innovative stove to heat our homes.

We’re Spring Cleaning! Get incredible discounts on Hearthstone Wood and Gas Stoves

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Have you cleaned out your garage, shed or closet recently? Neither have I. We need to do some Spring cleaning in our warehouse and showroom, though, because we’re running out of room! Our space crisis can turn into your bargain of the year, because we’ve heavily discounted many beautiful, efficient and discontinued Hearthstone wood and gas stoves for quick sale. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your ugly, aging wood stove or adding an elegant gas stove to warm your bedroom, this is the time. You can save hundreds of dollars and have peace of mind all Summer knowing you’re prepared for next Winter.

Since it’s Mother’s Day, why not treat your Mom to a new gas stove for her living or bedroom. It’s perfect for her! No heavy lifting required, it operates effortlessly with a wall thermostat or remote control thermostat. She’ll really appreciate the cozy warmth and the dancing yellow flames. Show your Mom how much you love her with a gift of warmth.

Our Hearthstone gas stoves on sale include discontinued and showroom models at tremendous savings.

Hearthstone Tucson Gas Stove Direct Vent 8701
Hearthstone Tucson Gas Stove Direct Vent 8701Matt Black cast with Aztec Green Marble

The Tucson is a powerful gas heater, hard working enough to keep smaller spaces wonderfully warm. The Tucson’s stone and cast iron design helps distribute heat quickly and evenly, while its cast iron double heat exchanger helps maximize heating efficiency. And, with an adjustable flame control, the Tucson lets you control the amount of heat you want… either for greater warmth, or just the romantic ambiance of gentle flames. It’s also among our most versatile gas-fired stoves, available in three different venting configurations to make installation simple and convenient.

Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove 8321
1 only showroom display model- Black enamel

Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove 8321In fine cast iron, beautiful and efficient, the Stowe Direct-Vent gas-fired stove is an asset to any home. The Stowe is perfect for heating a small to mid-size home, or simply to provide the ambiance of a beautiful, flickering fire when the heat is dialed down. The Stowe features a large window, realistic log presentation and decorator embossed details, and can be vented either through your roof or through an exterior wall. Its variable flame height adjuster lets you control the heat’s intensity from high down to gentle, slow sustained heat.

Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301-Brown enamel showroom model
Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301-Black Matte showroom model

Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301Both classic and functional, the Champlain cast-iron, direct-vent, gas-fired stove is as striking as it is hard-working. One of our larger cast iron stoves, the Champlain has a double heat exchange system to make it extra efficient. An included wall thermostat lets you maintain heat at a pre-set comfort level. An optional remote control allows you to control the stove without having to get up from your comfy spot in the room. And as with all HearthStone gas stoves, the variable flame height adjuster lets you control the rate of heat output.

Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert-showroom display

Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert-showroom displayImagine your fireplace – the focal point of any room, where friends and family just naturally gather around – made even more efficient by adding a Maidstone Direct-Vent insert. Gas-fired and designed to fit perfectly into your fireplace, the Maidstone features a double heat exchanger that allows less heat up the chimney, more into your home. Adjust the flame height upwards, and the Maidstone will keep you warm and comfortable. Or, adjust it down – and enjoy a gentle warmth along with a beautiful flame display.

We have two Hearthstone cast iron wood stoves on sale, both discounted hundreds of dollars. Could one of these be the next proud addition to your home?

Shelburne Wood Stove Blue/black enamel 8370

Shelburne Wood Stove Blue/black enamelEPA Rating: 2.1 grams per hour With classic good looks in embossed cast iron, large heating capacity and mid-size dimensions – the Shelburne is remarkably functional, beautiful and adaptable to a variety of spaces. Perfect for a mid-size home, the Shelburne wood stove can warm large areas in your home when fully loaded. An over-sized, self-cleaning window allows for easy loading and great fire viewing.

Bennington Wood Stove Blue Black enamel 8350

Bennington Wood Stove Blue Black enamelA large cast iron wood stove, the Bennington generates an impressive 70,000 BTUs when fully loaded, able to heat areas of up to 2,200 square feet. With an exclusive double-wall cast iron frame and built-in rear heat shield, the Bennington’s huge firebox actually serves as a convection chamber that allows air to circulate within, and then return, thoroughly warmed, into the room. The Bennington’s non-catalytic combustion system creates more heat with less wood. With both front and side doors, loading the Bennington is simple. A large, self-cleaning window means you can relax and enjoy the flames for hours.

Make one of these stoves a dazzling new addition to your home, or a Mother’s Day present she’ll never forget. Take advantage of our Spring cleaning project while these bargains are still available. Like a blooming rose, they won’t last forever.