Whitfield Advantage II interactive pellet stove parts list with clickable links to all parts

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Click here to find parts for your Whitfield Advantage II pellet stove on this new interactive parts list.

This model is also called the WP2 series and you can positively identify it by looking up the serial number on the master parts list and by comparing to the manuals available on our web site.

Whitfield Advantage II-T & III interactive pellet stove parts list with clickable links to all parts

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Use this new Interactive Whitfield Pellet stove parts list to find all of the parts for your Advantage II-T or III freestanding or insert pellet stoves.
Find our master parts list for all Whitfield, Earth Stove, Traditions and Brass Flame models by clicking here.

Click here to find your Advantage II-T & III parts list

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Stove Parts – WoodHeatStoves.com

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Easily find pellet stove parts for your Earth Stove HP40 pellet stove! Have you confirmed the identity of your stove by a label under the lid of the hopper? If so, download the HP40 interactive parts list HERE.You can positively identify your stove by looking at the stove manuals available on our web site.

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Parts

Click any link to parts within the pellet stove parts list to visit the product page at www.WoodHeatStoves.com for price and ordering options.

HP40 stove parts

HP40 stove parts

Looking for technical help? Try the Owner’s and or Technical Manual, both available for download or hard copy. Have questions? Send them with your stove MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER to info@woodheatstoves.com, we are happy to help!

Avalon Rainier & Pendleton replacement solid brass door frame for sale – while they last

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Avalon Rainier & Pendleton replacement brass door frame for sale while they last. This is the door frame so your glass and handle assembly must be reused. Replace or upgrade your Avalon wood stove door!
These brass doors were discontinued around 2010 as brass prices rose. We have 2 of these solid brass door upgrades while they last. They sold for $349 originally but we have these on clearance sale for $195.

Avalon Pendleton clearance sale – Freestanding or Insert models while they last $1295 with solid Brass door

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We have the Avalon Pendleton wood stoves on a clearance sale for a limited period of time. While they last these stoves are available at a fraction of their regular price in either the freestanding or the insert version. Each stove comes with the solid brass door option that is no longer available but originally cost an additional $349 upgrade.
SALE PRICE – $1295

Small in size yet big on heat, the Pendleton is ideal for a single room or smaller home. The Pendleton combines radiant and convective technologies into one compact design offering maximum heat output. Like the larger Avalon stoves, the Pendleton features a single air control to adjust heat output and simplify stove operation. Several leg styles or an optional pedestal base is available. The Pendleton features for a wide variety of installation options, including mobile homes and as an insert.

Heating Capacity
600 to 1,200 Sq. Feet
Overall Efficiency 
275 Lbs.
Heat Output
64200 BTU’s / Hour
Maximum Burn Time
8 Hours
Firebox Size
1.3 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size
17 “
3 Grams Per Hour
1/4″ & 3/16″
Shipping/Handling - Shipping is typically about $200. – $300. to a business address or your nearest shipping terminal for our shippers. Delivery to a residential address and-or lift gate services will add to shipping costs. Create an account with your shipping address then email info@woodheatstoves.com for a quote.

-Contact us by email info@woodheatstoves.com or phone for information about accessories, venting options and associated costs.

Pellet Stove Parts for Whitfield Advantage models

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Looking for parts to get your Whitfield pellet stove in tip top shape for the season? We have made it easier. There are many different stove models is the Advantage series so look under the lid of the hopper for your label. Check to confirm MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER, the serial number typically follows the letters WH-.
Once you have identified your stove, download a parts list for all Whitfield pellet stove parts and go to the page that matches your stove.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible! You’ll find all the part numbers listed as live links, simply click your part number and you will go right to the product page on our site for pricing and ordering options.
Avoid ordering incorrectly by following this process each time you need pellet stove parts. If you can’t identify your stove, send us a picture of the LABEL and the stove itself to info@woodheatstoves.com, we’re happy to help.

Find all of your WHITFIELD pellet stove parts on parts list with CLICKABLE LINKS!

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Find all of your WHITFIELD pellet stove parts on parts lists with CLICKABLE LINKS!

Use this parts list for locating any WHITFIELD, EARTH STOVE, TRADITIONS & BRASS FLAME pellet stove parts. Save this document or at least the pages for your stove model, for future reference.


You will find all of the Whitfield pellet stove parts and other brand names now owned by Lennox on this or the newer parts list located here.  http://woodheatstoves.com/free/Lennox-Whitfield-EarthStove-Country-Pellet-WHS.pdf

43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim

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43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim 

Actual dimension is closer to 42 7/8″ x 42 7/8″, the angled front edge measures 52 3/4″ from the corner

Price is FOB Nevada City but low freight rates. Send an email to info@woodheatstoves.com with your zip code to determine shipping costs at lowest rate to business address with fork lift (or loading dock), or to nearest shipping terminal. For higher cost we can ship to a residential address with a liftgate on truck. You may also pick from our Nevada City, California location. We offer more items used and other hearth accessories, let us know how we can help!

USED EPA approved Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove

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USED Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove
(a current model, serial number 111124)
EPA approved! for clean burning and high efficiency!
Featuires a gold plated door and ash drawer. Heats up to 2,000 square foot area.
See here for stove specs and owner’s installation manual. 

Item for sale is used, photo shown as example

We also have great prices on complete chimney systems and offer discounts with a stove purchase. Price is FOB Nevada City but we have excellent freight rates and can ship it most places in the USA for around $200. Just send us an email to info@WoodHeatStoves.com with your complete ship-to address for a shipping quote.

Troubleshooting your Quadrafire pellet stove | WoodHeatStoves.com

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We recently acquired these older videos that are specific to the Quadrafire 1100-I and 1200 model pellet stoves. This is the time of year people begin checking their pellet stoves for proper function, just in time to order and install replacement parts if necessary before the heating season begins. Depending on where you live, finding a pellet stove repair person can be difficult. A lot of pellet stove owners do their own maintenance and aside from the owner’s manual, technical videos and technician’s manuals can come in handy.

Looking for Quadrafire replacement parts? Check out the parts lists for download at WoodHeatStoves.com, available for just about every Quafrafire pellet stove model.