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We would like to thank you for the heat shield we bought off you for our woodburner it is exactly what we wanted we tried to get hold of one in the uk but nobody was interested in trying to help us. We have never seen them for sale in the UK, the people who sell the fires are not interested once they have sold you a fire. Your service and parcel tracking were absolutely superb. We do not get service like yours in britain they could learn a lot from people like you. Once again many thanks for your help its good to see firms like yours still exist.
Caithness, Scotland.

Wood Stove Chimney Installation specs with offset charts & DVL close clearance connector adaptor

Here are some general guidelines and tips for installation of wood stove chimney pipe. Always thoroughly study the manufacturer’s installation manual to determine how and where each system will be assembled. Click here to find the White Metal Twin Stack class A chimney pipe we are featuring for sale. 

Wood & Pellet Chimney installation diagrams

Here are a few of the many possible Wood & Pellet Chimney installations outlined in diagrams. These diagrams came from certain specific pipe manufacturer’s who are listed but these same types of installations can be accomplished with a wide variety of pipe manufacturer’s products. You will find our favorite and most economically priced versions featured here on our web site. We offer all currently available pipe systems upon request so send us an email to with make model and parts information or photos for other parts you might need.

Here are some different chimney installation options for Wood or Pellet stoves depending on your particular home. We have these and other particular brands of pipe ready to ship to you for installation. We have all of these parts ready to order and can help you select the correct chimney parts for your installation. Click here to find the installation pipe on our web site. After reviewing these options email us at if you need further assistance.

Chimney Liner Diagrams

Here is a diagram of sample Chimney Liner installations for stainless steel liner pipe installations for wood stove insert and freestanding hearth mounted installations. We supply all of the liner parts necessary for these and have installed them locally for over 30 years.
You can find these parts on our web site by clicking here.


You can install your own Wood Stove Chimney!

Wood Stove Chimney Diagram

Wood Stove Chimney Diagram

Here’s a do it yourself project that you can accomplish in a few hours on the weekend. First a word of caution. Wood Stove Chimney can be dangerous if not installed properly, so be sure to follow all the chimney pipe manufactures instructions and all the wood stove manufacturers installation instructions from their owner’s manual. You can click here to find owner’s manuals for many wood stove models. You can order everything you need right on our website. We have wood stove chimney order forms that start with a basic chimney system that you can add parts to as needed.

Here are a few things to consider before you get started:

Your internal pipe size (6 inch or 8 inch ID)

Single wall stove pipe or double wall stove pipe interior? - (check your stove clearances to decide)

Height from stove top to ceiling support box - This determines how much interior pipe will be needed, depending on how far the support box hangs into the room if it is a sloped ceiling.

Ceiling pitch-slope – This determines which support box you’ll need.

Roof pitch – This determines which roof flashing you’ll need.

Height from ceiling support box bottom to the top of the pipe – The pipe must extend 2 feet over nearest ridge or surface within 10 feet horizontally.

Once you have all your wood stove chimney parts together, lay out the position of the stove on the floor based on the stove manufacturers clearances to get the position of the center of the flue. Drop a plumb bob down from the ceiling to see where the pipe needs to penetrate . Keep in mind that the support box will need to go through your ceiling supports, which typically are 16″ on center, so you may need to place the support box offset from where the stove sits and use elbows inside the room to angle the pipe back to it or change the position of the stove.

Once you have determined the position of the support box, you can then find the proper spot for the roof penetration and cut your hole. You’ll need to follow the pipe manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to maintain a 2″ clearance to any combustibles. On a typical composition roof, the roof flashing would be installed under the shingles on the upper side of the roof  and over the shingles on the lower side. The wood stove chimney coming through the flashing is sealed with a high temperature sealant around  the pipe and then the storm collar is squished down over the sealant. Another bead is then put around the gap on top of the storm collar to complete the job.

Click here to go to our web site where you can easily order any chimney system from standard systems to all the options. Or copy and paste this url address in your browser

Watch the video below for a review of  a wood stove chimney installation components.

Wood Stove Chimney System Components & Installation video review

Watch as we review the White Metal/Twin Stack Class A Wood Stove Chimney Pipe components that will help you prepare for installation of this and the interior pipe to go with it. This video reviews the complete process from the stove brochure specifications and owners manual specs thru the series of components for all aspects of a vertical installation. We review the methods of installing single wall stove pipe with a slip connector and optional stove pipe shield for closer clearances or Dura Vent DVL Double Wall stovepipe as another option for closer wall clearances to combustibles. You will find all of these components on our web site ready to order at… We do sell a wide variety of other chimney pipe for wood, pellet and gas stoves and only have a small portion of them listed on our web site. Although each brand of chimney differs in their specific components, this video review may be valuable in considering any modern chimney installation. This type of installation is only suitable for a licensed contractor trained in this type of installation. Contact us if you need further assistance in ordering these parts at