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 September 2014
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logo-hearthstone-stovesbANNER2within 50 mile of your zip code, we might be your preferred dealer!
It is never TOO early to be prepared for fall and winter!
Don’t get caught in the “Polar Vortex” this year!
Be prepared, service your stove or have it serviced by a local technician
in mid to late summer.  Annual maintenance per the owner’s
l or technician manual may save you being in the cold.
Sweeping your chimney will help wood burning stoves be more efficient.
earth stove 100

Do you have a stove that was
built or purchased before the year 1990? 
If you have a stove that is pre EPA “Environmental Protection Agency”
or older than 1990, that is twenty four PLUS years old, than you should
really consider upgrading.  A new or used
EPA rated gas, wood or pellet stove is more efficient home heating and
less polluting to our atmosphere.  BURN half as much fuel and
it would pay for itself!

Preparing your Pellet, Gas or Wood Stove for Fall | WoodHeatStoves.com

Are you prepared to heat your home? August is a popular month to ready your stove for the season and is just around the corner! If you have a pellet stove, auger motors, igniters or snap switches may need replacing. Aside from a chimney sweep, your wood stove may need new firebricks or gaskets. Annually, it is a good idea to have your gas stove serviced. Check for blackening glass, delayed ignition or dust near the valve-these are signs you should have a certified technician come out to service the gas appliance. Wood Heat Stoves and Solar makes part replacement easy. Simply download a free parts list in PDF format that matches your stove. Type any part number from your parts list into the search box at www.woodheatstoves.com for pricing and ordering options. To avoid ordering incorrectly, make SURE you have watched the How To Identify My Stove Video and confirmed by a label on the stove itself, the MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER of the unit. For more information or help finding parts, send your request to info@woodheatstoves.com. With over 30 years of experience servicing, installing and supplying parts for gas, pellet and wood stoves, Wood Heat Stoves & Solar will do their best to get you what you need. Don’t wait until November to take these steps or you may find yourself waiting on parts due to back orders as peak season for stove parts and service is from about October to January.

Finding Pellet Stove Parts is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

Finding Pellet Stove Parts is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

We offer a really good system for correctly finding parts for your WOOD, GAS or PELLET stove on the homepage of our website. Here are those steps:

2) DOWNLOAD A PELLET STOVE PARTS LIST (FREE PDF) - other parts list are also on our web site. (WOOD) & (GAS)

3) SEARCH OUR SITE BY PART NUMBER – We have been in business more than 30 years servicing and installing in our local area and selling stoves and parts. We are familiar with many models but must refrain from choosing parts for customers as we are not present to confirm the identity of one’s stove. For people who need technical advice we offer a very comprehensive INFORMATION CENTER, our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and MANUALS (including TECHNICAL MANUALS in most cases).
Or find these at our web site categories www.WoodHeatStoves.com

Summer is the best time to prepare for next Winter

It seems like it went from Winter to Summer in the blink of an eye. It can do the same thing in reverse. That’s why Summer is the best time to prepare for next Winter. If you burn wood, you have plenty to do and we can help.

The first thing you should do is get your wood together, because it takes at least a season to dry, maybe less out here in our hot and dry California summers.. Wet wood burns about as well as a damp rag so make sure it has plenty of time to cure.

Windsor_WR300007If you’re still burning your favorite old pre-EPA Earth Stove, we have Earth Stove replacement parts for many of the older models, and now is the time to fix it up and make sure it’s in good working order. But why not make this the year you upgrade to an efficient EPA model that will burn half the wood for the same amount of heat as your old model? After all, it takes time, effort and money to buy or cut the wood and stack it so why not make the most of it? We have both new and used wood stoves for sale.

We also have Wood Stove Chimney for making any necessary repairs, as well as some helpful videos to show how it goes together, and Chimney Brushes and Rods to keep it clean and ready for the first cold snap in the Fall. Just like Summer snuck up on us here in California, it WAS snowing just about 2 weeks ago, Winter can do the same thing and that’s not the time you want to be replacing that chimney cap or sweeping last Winter’s creosote out of your chimney.

Take care of your stove now and it will take care of you next Winter. Then you can relax and go swimming, ride your bike in the sunshine, or relax under a shady tree with a cold beer knowing you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

The Earth Stove and Earth Stove parts- still popular today

Remember the Arab oil embargo back in the 70′s? It started in October 1973 when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia), proclaimed an oil embargo which created the long term possibility of high oil prices or even oil shortages. This caused panic in the US as people had to wait in long lines at the gas stations to fill up their car and the possibility of not being able to heat their home was a real concern. That’s when the wood stove explosion took off. New “airtight” stoves that could be controlled, unlike a fireplace or “Franklin style” stove, started appearing to meet the demand. Timberline, Fisher and Earth Stove were some of the leaders in this wood stove revolution. You almost never hear Fisher or Timberline mentioned anymore but the Earth Stove, now owned by Lennox, is still popular today. While Lennox discontinued the Earth Stove line of stoves, they continue to supply Earth Stove parts for many older models, some dating back to the 80′s. I’m always amazed by how many calls and emails we get from loyal Earth Stove owners looking for Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts.

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

One of the most commonly requested Earth Stove replacement parts is firebrick. We not only have available the special bricks used in Earth Stoves, but also Earth Stove parts lists with brick patterns for many models. The first step is to IDENTIFY YOUR STOVE, then find your model on the PARTS LIST. Once you find the part number for what you need, just place it in the SEARCH BOX it find it. You can use this process to find any part on our website.

Other popular Earth Stove replacement parts are glass, gasket, handles and blowers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the parts list or in a search on our website, send us an email with your make, model and serial number, along with a description of the part needed to info@woodheatstoves.com and we will be happy to help. We also carry owners, installation and service manuals for many stoves including hard to find older Earth Stove Wood Stove Manuals.

Many people have had a long love affair with their Earth Stove and want maintain it in tip top condition, keeping their house warm and cozy. WoodHeatStoves.com has many Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts to help you keep your Earth Stove working to heat your home for years to come.

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Stove Insert for sale

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Stove Insert for sale – Used -
90 day parts warrantee with fresh paint and gaskets and full refurbishing
only $995 while it lasts!

This photo is not for this exact unit. There is no surround panel included but this cover plate can be fabricated from sheet metal if needed.

This 40,000 btu “Natural Fire” pellet stove insert comes complete with a wall thermostat and is capable of heating up to a 2,000 sq. ft. home, or more. The thermostat adjusts the flame from low to high but the fire does need to be lit manually, although this takes only a couple of minutes. This “Natural Fire” burn system shoots up flames from below the burner thru the optional logs so that it can look like a very realistic log flame. We can send you photos by email from the brochure and the owner’s manual upon request. Logs are available as an accessory by clicking here for part PL500.  This stove does have either a solid Brass or gold plated door (pretty sure it is solid brass and can be polished.

We have sold and installed this model since it was first designed and can supply technical support for installation and service.

Price is FOB Nevada City, CA. Shipping to a business address in 48 states costs about $200 and is not included. If you send us your zip code we can get a specific shipping quote to business with a forklift, shipping terminal or residence, which is more expensive. If you purchase this stove now online to hold it, the shipping costs will not be included but it does say “free shipping” which only indicates that it will not autocalculate for UPS shipping like the other items on our site.

Earth Stove Pellet Stoves Parts Identification video on the stoves

Watch this video to find the location and of replacement parts for any of the Earth Stove Pellet Stoves by seeing where they are located on this HP40 insert model. We go thru the cup motor, auger motor, snap disc sensors, control panel, combustion and convection blowers so you can see each part installed and methods of servicing them.
Then watch our “Earth Stove pellet stove finding parts video” to guide you thru finding your parts list, owners manual and technical manuals for any type of service or replacement parts.Then watch this compimentary video to see the HP40 Earth Stove pellet stove components which are nearly identical to all Earth Stove pellet stoves. http://www.youtube.com/user/Woodheats…
Make sure to download your owners manual for your stove which has a very helpful 6 Step Troubleshooting Guide which takes you step by step thru identifying which parts are causing the symptoms you are witnessing when your stove is not operating correctly. You will find these parts and manuals and more helpful videos on our web site at www.woodheatstoves.com If you still need assistance after going thru these resources you can email us at info@woodheatstoves.com

Guide to Finding Earth Stove Pellet Stove Parts Video

Watch this video for guidance in finding Earth Stove Pellet Stove parts, manuals and parts list on our web site. Here we review the most commonly replaced parts for this Natural Fire series of pellet stoves which uses the original Traeger pellet stove feed system.

Then watch our complimentary video which shows you exactly where each part is located, what they look like and suggestions for replacing them with helpful tips, on the Earth Stove HP40 insert.
We sold and serviced these stoves and even helped in their design so after reviewing the parts list, manuals and self service guide, if you still need assistance, just let us know.
Email us with any questions at info@WoodHeatStoves.com and order parts and find manuals, parts lists and informational pages at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

Earthstove Pellet, operation and maintenance tips

Earth Stove Pellet Stoves

TO START– Clean glass as needed with paper towel and woodstove glass cleaner. (Lay a piece of newspaper below the door to catch any debris.)
1. Fill hopper with pellets. (Pellets can be poured in from a pellet bucket in small quantities or the bag of pellets can be cut open right in the hopper to prevent spillage).
2. Turn up thermostat to DC
3. Pour 2 SCOOPS of pellets in to the burn pot (behind the large front log). It is not necessary to remove the logs.
4. Light the pellets in the burn pot with a torch or lighting material.
5. Close the door (check settings, feed low and draft fan low).
6. Flip switch on panel to on position–check to see red light go on.
7. after the pellets start to burn (2-3 m push start button on control panel).
8. Adjust thermostat to desired temperature after waiting 10-20 minutes for the fire to get established.
9. Turn on the room air circulating fan with the dial control on the panel. Turn to low speed to avoid having it cycle on and off.  If it does cycle on and off, you can turn the speed up as desired.
To STOP- Flip the switch on the panel to the off position.
KEEPING THE GLASS DOOR CLEAN–Adjustment of the logs and the draft inducer fan damper flap can change flame path and keep soot on the door to a minimum. Flame directed at the glass may increase soot build up. To clean the glass door; A. Lay a piece of newspaper below the door B. Wipe the door with a paper towel C. Spray some woodstove glass cleaning fluid on the glass D.  Wipe the soot off with a paper towel.
HOPPER EXTENSIONS CAN EXTEND BURN TIMES TO THREE DAYS UNATTENDED. If you would like to increase the hopper size you can add a hopper extension to any one of the Natural Fire models. This will allow you to load pellets only once every two or three days instead of daily.
1) As ashes build up in the burn pot, the flame will change its shape and the door will soot over much faster. Remove ashes by sweeping the burn pot with an Earth Stone Burn Pot cleaning tool or a stick from side to side.
2) When the ashes build up in the firebox you can remove them by; A) Remove the logs B) Remove the burn pot by first removing the screws on the top of the burn pot (it lifts out by hand) then lifting the whole burn pot up and out C) Remove the ashes with a scoop or a shop vacuum D) Reassemble burn pot and logs.
3) Inspect the Heat Exchange Tubes (above the logs) regularly to monitor soot build up. When these tubes get heavily coated with soot (1/16 inch or more) they gradually lose their efficiency.  Clean these tubes with a bottle brush to keep your stove at its highest efficiency.
During a power outage you can continue to get heat from your pellet stove by using a 500 watt or larger generator.  These very small generators can be operated outdoors with an extension cord running into the house to your stove and possibly TV, radio, lights and refrigerator, depending on the generators capacity.
5) If your power goes out and then the stove will not start back up after the power comes back on, you will need to push the manual reset button (check your manual for its reset location).
6) If you find that your stove is putting out more than you need, even though the thermostat is turned down, you can reduce the heat output on the low setting. This is done by filling in the cup at the bottom of the hopper, up to 50 percent, with silicon caulk. Apply the caulk after cleaning all of the pellets and dust out, then let the caulk dry for at least one day. The caulk can be removed later, with a knife, if desired.
7) We have found that the following accessories make pellet burning even more convenient. You might consider purchasing these for your pellet stove: Propane torch, fire starters, pellet scoop, glass cleaner, pellet bucket (coal scuttle), brass polish, hopper extension allow a 100lb. (2 bags) capacity, setback thermostats TP40 warning shelves.