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This Avalon gas insert comes with this fancy Victorian Lace Porcelain finish or others. It is a high efficiency thermostatically controlled heater that can run on natural gas or propane and has a variable speed blower built in to circulate heat around the home.

TG40_gas_stoveThis Earth Stove TG40 high efficiency, thermostatically controlled gas stove can run on propane or natural gas! It is now selling for a fraction of the original price. It has been refurbished and comes with a 90 day parts warranty.

Country Comfort
This Country Comfort air tight wood stove is one of the many used wood stoves we have to offer. You can send us an email at for more information about any of these stoves or call us at 530-265-8618

Whitfield Profile30
This Whitfield Profile 30 freestanding pellet stove is the most modern of all the Whitfield pellet stoves. It lights its own pellets when the thermostat calls for heat and lets the flame burn down when the thermostat is satisfied.

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Cleaning your pellet stove – Whitfield Profile 30 partial review


We found this video on You Tube and realized that it could be valuable to our customers even if we don’t necessarily agree with the technique used in all aspects. Here this fellow is cleaning a Whitfield Profile 30 or 20 pellet stove but we suggest that you make sure your vacuum has a super filter system, don’t suck up hot ashes and use wood stove glass cleaner not the stuff for gas stoves that he shows on the video. This video is beneficial for showing you the way that trap doors in heat exchangers, burn pot and baffle plates will need to be removed for a proper, thorough cleaning. Use the instructions for your specific stove in the owners manual that came with it. You can find pellet stove owner’s manuals on our web site here

Whitfield Technical Service & Troubleshooting manuals available NOW!

We have collected and posted TECHNICAL SERVICE MANUALS for Whitfield and many other brands of pellet stoves. These were originally designed for the technicians working for Whitfield dealers but there are no Whitfield stove dealers now that their production has ceased. As technicians and homeowners are attempting to service the thousands of Whitfield pellet stoves across the nation these technican manuals can supply the more complex details and specifications needed.
We have all of the Whitfield pellet stove parts from Whitfield auger motors to combustion blowers and convection blowers and igniters listed on our web site. Click here to find this Advantage II-T manual and the category on our web site that includes the hundreds of other owner’s and technical service manuals we have available for you to download now.

Identify your Whitfield pellet stove model here!

Use our helpful guides to identify your pellet stove, download your parts list and technical manuals, watch our instructional videos and repair your stove.

The first step in servicing or repairing any pellet stove is to identify the correct model so that you can get the correct owner’s and technical manuals and parts list. Here we offer you a video guide to identifying the Whitfield pellet stoves. You can click here to find photos and popular replacement parts listings for each Whitfield and many Quadrafire pellet stoves. Our web site also has the parts lists and manuals for these and many other brands of stoves. We have over 15,000 parts and product pages to help you in your stove installations, service and repairs.

You can click here to find photos of the Whitfield pellet stoves and some Quadrafire models along with popular replacement parts like auger motors, burn pots, blower and exhaust motors, firebricks and gaskets. We carry these pellet stove parts for a wide variety of manufacturers such as Whitfield, Quadrafire, Enviro, Hearthstone Stoves, Earth Stove and many others. To see all the pellet stoves we support visit our pellet stove parts section on our site.