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 September 2014
Introduction newsletter from WoodHeatStoves.com!
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logo-hearthstone-stovesbANNER2within 50 mile of your zip code, we might be your preferred dealer!
It is never TOO early to be prepared for fall and winter!
Don’t get caught in the “Polar Vortex” this year!
Be prepared, service your stove or have it serviced by a local technician
in mid to late summer.  Annual maintenance per the owner’s
l or technician manual may save you being in the cold.
Sweeping your chimney will help wood burning stoves be more efficient.
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Do you have a stove that was
built or purchased before the year 1990? 
If you have a stove that is pre EPA “Environmental Protection Agency”
or older than 1990, that is twenty four PLUS years old, than you should
really consider upgrading.  A new or used
EPA rated gas, wood or pellet stove is more efficient home heating and
less polluting to our atmosphere.  BURN half as much fuel and
it would pay for itself!

Whitfield Advantage II-T Classic Freestanding & Insert interactive pellet stove parts list

Click here to find parts for your Whitfield Advantage II-T Classic Freestanding & Insert pellet stove interactive parts list. Find whatever part you are looking for and click on the part number to be guided to that part, if available. In many cases we have after market alternatives that are higher quality and lower cost and all will come up as you click that part number. This parts list is more accurate than the lists in manuals since the company has changed hands many times since the stove was built.

You can positively identify it by looking up the serial number on the master parts list and by comparing to the manuals available on our web site.

Whitfield Advantage II interactive pellet stove parts list with clickable links to all parts

Click here to find parts for your Whitfield Advantage II pellet stove on this new interactive parts list.

This model is also called the WP2 series and you can positively identify it by looking up the serial number on the master parts list and by comparing to the manuals available on our web site.

Whitfield Advantage II-T & III interactive pellet stove parts list with clickable links to all parts

Use this new Interactive Whitfield Pellet stove parts list to find all of the parts for your Advantage II-T or III freestanding or insert pellet stoves.
Find our master parts list for all Whitfield, Earth Stove, Traditions and Brass Flame models by clicking here.

Click here to find your Advantage II-T & III parts list

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Stove Parts – WoodHeatStoves.com

Easily find pellet stove parts for your Earth Stove HP40 pellet stove! Have you confirmed the identity of your stove by a label under the lid of the hopper? If so, download the HP40 interactive parts list HERE.You can positively identify your stove by looking at the stove manuals available on our web site.

Earth Stove HP40 Pellet Parts

Click any link to parts within the pellet stove parts list to visit the product page at www.WoodHeatStoves.com for price and ordering options.

HP40 stove parts

HP40 stove parts

Looking for technical help? Try the Owner’s and or Technical Manual, both available for download or hard copy. Have questions? Send them with your stove MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER to info@woodheatstoves.com, we are happy to help!

Pellet Stove Parts for Whitfield Advantage models

Looking for parts to get your Whitfield pellet stove in tip top shape for the season? We have made it easier. There are many different stove models is the Advantage series so look under the lid of the hopper for your label. Check to confirm MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER, the serial number typically follows the letters WH-.
Once you have identified your stove, download a parts list for all Whitfield pellet stove parts and go to the page that matches your stove.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible! You’ll find all the part numbers listed as live links, simply click your part number and you will go right to the product page on our site for pricing and ordering options.
Avoid ordering incorrectly by following this process each time you need pellet stove parts. If you can’t identify your stove, send us a picture of the LABEL and the stove itself to info@woodheatstoves.com, we’re happy to help.

Preparing your Pellet, Gas or Wood Stove for Fall | WoodHeatStoves.com

Are you prepared to heat your home? August is a popular month to ready your stove for the season and is just around the corner! If you have a pellet stove, auger motors, igniters or snap switches may need replacing. Aside from a chimney sweep, your wood stove may need new firebricks or gaskets. Annually, it is a good idea to have your gas stove serviced. Check for blackening glass, delayed ignition or dust near the valve-these are signs you should have a certified technician come out to service the gas appliance. Wood Heat Stoves and Solar makes part replacement easy. Simply download a free parts list in PDF format that matches your stove. Type any part number from your parts list into the search box at www.woodheatstoves.com for pricing and ordering options. To avoid ordering incorrectly, make SURE you have watched the How To Identify My Stove Video and confirmed by a label on the stove itself, the MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER of the unit. For more information or help finding parts, send your request to info@woodheatstoves.com. With over 30 years of experience servicing, installing and supplying parts for gas, pellet and wood stoves, Wood Heat Stoves & Solar will do their best to get you what you need. Don’t wait until November to take these steps or you may find yourself waiting on parts due to back orders as peak season for stove parts and service is from about October to January.

Choosing your new Wood, Gas or Pellet stove and comparative costs of heating

When choosing your new Wood, Gas or Pellet stove and you will want to know the comparative costs of heating.
Click here to go to this interactive chart and find out how the cost of heating with different fuels compares in your home. 

Here is a comparison of fuel costs at our home town, Nevada City, based on price quotes in May, 2013.



Finding Pellet Stove Parts is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

Finding Pellet Stove Parts is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

We offer a really good system for correctly finding parts for your WOOD, GAS or PELLET stove on the homepage of our website. Here are those steps:

2) DOWNLOAD A PELLET STOVE PARTS LIST (FREE PDF) - other parts list are also on our web site. (WOOD) & (GAS)

3) SEARCH OUR SITE BY PART NUMBER – We have been in business more than 30 years servicing and installing in our local area and selling stoves and parts. We are familiar with many models but must refrain from choosing parts for customers as we are not present to confirm the identity of one’s stove. For people who need technical advice we offer a very comprehensive INFORMATION CENTER, our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and MANUALS (including TECHNICAL MANUALS in most cases).
Or find these at our web site categories www.WoodHeatStoves.com

Contact Us at www.WoodHeatStoves.com

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