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It is SPRING time and with that brings “tax” time, the best time of year to think about updating your heating source to a modern and environmentally friendly heating solution!









We have wood, gas and pellet stoves, inserts and fireplaces reduced for quick sale!  Savings of 20% off MSRP or more!  Shipping is extra but the reduced prices make it affordable.









Ask us about additional bonus savings on chimney pipe, venting or optional in-stock accessories!







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 September 2014
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logo-hearthstone-stovesbANNER2within 50 mile of your zip code, we might be your preferred dealer!
It is never TOO early to be prepared for fall and winter!
Don’t get caught in the “Polar Vortex” this year!
Be prepared, service your stove or have it serviced by a local technician
in mid to late summer.  Annual maintenance per the owner’s
l or technician manual may save you being in the cold.
Sweeping your chimney will help wood burning stoves be more efficient.
earth stove 100

Do you have a stove that was
built or purchased before the year 1990? 
If you have a stove that is pre EPA “Environmental Protection Agency”
or older than 1990, that is twenty four PLUS years old, than you should
really consider upgrading.  A new or used
EPA rated gas, wood or pellet stove is more efficient home heating and
less polluting to our atmosphere.  BURN half as much fuel and
it would pay for itself!

43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim

43″ x 43″ square corner Tile Hearth pad with wood trim 

Actual dimension is closer to 42 7/8″ x 42 7/8″, the angled front edge measures 52 3/4″ from the corner

Price is FOB Nevada City but low freight rates. Send an email to with your zip code to determine shipping costs at lowest rate to business address with fork lift (or loading dock), or to nearest shipping terminal. For higher cost we can ship to a residential address with a liftgate on truck. You may also pick from our Nevada City, California location. We offer more items used and other hearth accessories, let us know how we can help!

USED EPA approved Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove

USED Pacific Energy Super 27 freestanding woodstove
(a current model, serial number 111124)
EPA approved! for clean burning and high efficiency!
Featuires a gold plated door and ash drawer. Heats up to 2,000 square foot area.
See here for stove specs and owner’s installation manual. 

Item for sale is used, photo shown as example

We also have great prices on complete chimney systems and offer discounts with a stove purchase. Price is FOB Nevada City but we have excellent freight rates and can ship it most places in the USA for around $200. Just send us an email to with your complete ship-to address for a shipping quote.

STOVES FOR SALE! | Wood Heat Stoves & Solar of Nevada City, California

Save up to $500 on Avalon wood stove models…these units must go!
We have many other great wood, gas and pellet stove models for sale at, including those from Hearthstone, Osburn and Flame.
Looking for the perfect unit to fit your heating needs? Unsure of the efficiency your current model offers? Need to weigh the options of a new vs. used stove?
Check for a long list of stove models and their ratings.
We offer most of the units available for local pick-up or shipment. Send us an email and let us know how we can help!


We’re Spring Cleaning! Get incredible discounts on Hearthstone Wood and Gas Stoves

Have you cleaned out your garage, shed or closet recently? Neither have I. We need to do some Spring cleaning in our warehouse and showroom, though, because we’re running out of room! Our space crisis can turn into your bargain of the year, because we’ve heavily discounted many beautiful, efficient and discontinued Hearthstone wood and gas stoves for quick sale. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your ugly, aging wood stove or adding an elegant gas stove to warm your bedroom, this is the time. You can save hundreds of dollars and have peace of mind all Summer knowing you’re prepared for next Winter.

Since it’s Mother’s Day, why not treat your Mom to a new gas stove for her living or bedroom. It’s perfect for her! No heavy lifting required, it operates effortlessly with a wall thermostat or remote control thermostat. She’ll really appreciate the cozy warmth and the dancing yellow flames. Show your Mom how much you love her with a gift of warmth.

Our Hearthstone gas stoves on sale include discontinued and showroom models at tremendous savings.

Hearthstone Tucson Gas Stove Direct Vent 8701
Hearthstone Tucson Gas Stove Direct Vent 8701Matt Black cast with Aztec Green Marble

The Tucson is a powerful gas heater, hard working enough to keep smaller spaces wonderfully warm. The Tucson’s stone and cast iron design helps distribute heat quickly and evenly, while its cast iron double heat exchanger helps maximize heating efficiency. And, with an adjustable flame control, the Tucson lets you control the amount of heat you want… either for greater warmth, or just the romantic ambiance of gentle flames. It’s also among our most versatile gas-fired stoves, available in three different venting configurations to make installation simple and convenient.

Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove 8321
1 only showroom display model- Black enamel

Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove 8321In fine cast iron, beautiful and efficient, the Stowe Direct-Vent gas-fired stove is an asset to any home. The Stowe is perfect for heating a small to mid-size home, or simply to provide the ambiance of a beautiful, flickering fire when the heat is dialed down. The Stowe features a large window, realistic log presentation and decorator embossed details, and can be vented either through your roof or through an exterior wall. Its variable flame height adjuster lets you control the heat’s intensity from high down to gentle, slow sustained heat.

Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301-Brown enamel showroom model
Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301-Black Matte showroom model

Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove 8301Both classic and functional, the Champlain cast-iron, direct-vent, gas-fired stove is as striking as it is hard-working. One of our larger cast iron stoves, the Champlain has a double heat exchange system to make it extra efficient. An included wall thermostat lets you maintain heat at a pre-set comfort level. An optional remote control allows you to control the stove without having to get up from your comfy spot in the room. And as with all HearthStone gas stoves, the variable flame height adjuster lets you control the rate of heat output.

Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert-showroom display

Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert-showroom displayImagine your fireplace – the focal point of any room, where friends and family just naturally gather around – made even more efficient by adding a Maidstone Direct-Vent insert. Gas-fired and designed to fit perfectly into your fireplace, the Maidstone features a double heat exchanger that allows less heat up the chimney, more into your home. Adjust the flame height upwards, and the Maidstone will keep you warm and comfortable. Or, adjust it down – and enjoy a gentle warmth along with a beautiful flame display.

We have two Hearthstone cast iron wood stoves on sale, both discounted hundreds of dollars. Could one of these be the next proud addition to your home?

Shelburne Wood Stove Blue/black enamel 8370

Shelburne Wood Stove Blue/black enamelEPA Rating: 2.1 grams per hour With classic good looks in embossed cast iron, large heating capacity and mid-size dimensions – the Shelburne is remarkably functional, beautiful and adaptable to a variety of spaces. Perfect for a mid-size home, the Shelburne wood stove can warm large areas in your home when fully loaded. An over-sized, self-cleaning window allows for easy loading and great fire viewing.

Bennington Wood Stove Blue Black enamel 8350

Bennington Wood Stove Blue Black enamelA large cast iron wood stove, the Bennington generates an impressive 70,000 BTUs when fully loaded, able to heat areas of up to 2,200 square feet. With an exclusive double-wall cast iron frame and built-in rear heat shield, the Bennington’s huge firebox actually serves as a convection chamber that allows air to circulate within, and then return, thoroughly warmed, into the room. The Bennington’s non-catalytic combustion system creates more heat with less wood. With both front and side doors, loading the Bennington is simple. A large, self-cleaning window means you can relax and enjoy the flames for hours.

Make one of these stoves a dazzling new addition to your home, or a Mother’s Day present she’ll never forget. Take advantage of our Spring cleaning project while these bargains are still available. Like a blooming rose, they won’t last forever.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! That means tacos, margarita’s and end of season stove and service bargains!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Arriba!!! Arriba!!! I get carried away. It’s May, it’s hot and Summer has arrived early in Nevada City. This time of year our thoughts turn to picnics, trips to the river, planting in the garden and taking a nap in the hammock under a shady tree. But don’t completely forget about Winter because, to quote Arnold, “I’ll be baauuk!” Now is the time to think about preparing your house to be warm and cozy when the cold rain and snow begins to fall again. Some of the best deals of the entire year are available now. Don’t wait till August or September because they’ll be gone.

Avalon Pendleton

Avalon Pendleton

We were just out at the Grass Valley Union’s Home and Garden Show last weekend where we talked to many savy, forward thinking people about our end of the season stove bargains and service special savings. Many took advantage of the chance to save money during our off season and you should too! Don’t be left out in the cold. Some examples are up to 25% savings on Avalon clearance wood stoves and fireplace inserts, Avalon pellet stoves, and Avalon gas inserts and fireplaces.

Hearthstone Manchester

Hearthstone Manchester

We also have the beautiful Hearthstone soapstone wood stoves or Hearthstone cast iron wood stoves on sale, including the new Hearthstone Marchester. (Hearthstone is for local customers only or those who don’t have local dealers within 50 miles prepared to serve them)

On top of the special stove pricing discounts, you can take a 10% credit on your Federal Taxes through 2013. Just buy a new efficient Wood or Pellet Stove and receive a 10% Tax Credit up to $300. on qualifying models. A $2000 stove saves you $200, so you get a new $2000 efficient heater For $1800. This is in addition to our special end of season pricing and reduced off season installation rates. Read about the Federal Wood/Pellet Stove Tax Credit for all the details.

Do you have a stove now but just need it serviced for the Winter? Take advantage of our reduced Service and Installation Special rates through August 31st. Get your wood stove chimney swept, your pellet stove cleaned and tuned or your gas stove annual service at reduced service rates so you’ll be ready to fire it up and go next Fall.Just think of this as a sale on peace of mind.

We make it easy and economical to prepare for next Winter. Just email us at or call us at 530-265-8618 to get started.

Elegant Hearthstone Maidstone Brown Enamel Soapstone gas insert end of season clearance!

March Madness continues with special end of season pricing on a one of a kind Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert. The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert comes with Large Brown Enamel panels, the Brown Enamel Facade, and the last of the now unavailable Brown Granite Soapstone. Turn that ugly old black inefficient fireplace into a convenient and efficient gas heater while adding an elegant piece of furniture to your room that your family will naturally gather around.

Hearthstone Maidstone gas insert

Hearthstone Maidstone gas insert

The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert is a Certified room heater which means it’s designed to be efficient as a room heater with less heat lost up the chimney resulting in more usable heat for less money. The Maidstone uses a Millivolt ignition system so it can operate without electricity and be an excellent source of heat during power outages.

The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert can turn off and on automatically from a Wall Thermostat, maintaining the home at a preset comfort level. An optional programmable thermostat is also available.

The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert includes a Two-speed blower, 
moving heated air throughout the home for more uniform temperature. The Thermostat monitors stove body temperatures and automatically turns the fan on or off. You set the speed of the fan.

The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert heats up to Up to 1,500 sq. ft. with a Burn Rate Range of 13,000 – 32,000 BTUs/hr. Steady State Efficiency is 75– 87% with an EnerGuide Rating of 67.71%., This means you will be saving most of the potential heat from the gas into your home rather than up the chimney. With the required fireplace dimensions below, it will fit most fireplaces.

Minimum fireplace opening
Width 28-1/2″
Height 20″
Depth 16-1/2″

The Hearthstone Maidstone Gas Insert combines beauty and efficiency in an affordable gas fireplace insert. The classic design with the now unavailable to order Brown Granite Soapstone makes this a stove simply too good to pass up. Contact us at to reserve it.

March Madness! Avalon Newport pellet stoves at 20% off

Have you been watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament, also know as March Madness? It’s fun because sometimes you see teams you’ve never heard of before over-achieving and beating the big boys. Most of the time the powerhouses come out on top, though once in a while they need to dig deep with a special combination of competence, experience and timing to win. That’s much like our Avalon Newport pellet stoves right now. They have that special combination of competence, experience and now, timing. Avalon pellet stoves have gained a reputation in the industry as well engineered, trouble free pellet stoves: competence. Avalon pellet stoves are made by Travis Industries, which started making stoves in 1988; experience. Now this pellet stove powerhouse is on sale at clearance pricing of 20% off; timing. That’s a winning combination.

Avalon NEWPORT BAY Pellet Stove Insert w/gold grill & door

Avalon NEWPORT BAY Pellet Stove Insert w/gold grill & door

We only have one of these units left and it can come as either the Avalon NEWPORT Freestanding Pellet Stove or the Avalon NEWPORT BAY Pellet Stove Insert w/gold grill & door, depending on your needs.

Avalon NEWPORT Freestanding Pellet Stove

Avalon NEWPORT Freestanding Pellet Stove





12 Reasons to buy a Newport
•No Spilled Fuel. Entire stove top lifts up to allow easy access and pellet loading.
•Huge Pellet Capacity. Hopper holds 55lbs. of pellets. There’s no waiting for fuel to run out before reloading
•Heavy-Duty Auger. Precision auger feeds pellet fuel uniformly to the firepot, based on the automatic or manual feed rate setting
•Two-Stage heat Exchanger. Combination of 8 heat exchange tubes and rear heat exchange plenum gains maximum heat transfer from the stove to your home.
•Air Tube Scraper. Hidden under the loading door, this easy-to-use, pull rod removes ash from the air exchange tubes
•Super-Quiet Combustion Blower. Variable speed control allows you to turn the blower noise down in conjunction with the feed rate. >Auger Motor. A heavy-duty gear motor with metal gears, low r.p.m. and high torque, ensures long life and reliability
•Variable Speed Convection Blower. This quiet blower draws cool room air around the firebox, and two-stage heat exchanger to deliver heated air to your room
•Firepot & Standard Igniter. Stainless steel firepot and reliable ignition system combine to make firestarting and pellet burning as easy as the flip of a switch
•Ash Dump. Easy to access and operate, the ash drop makes ash clean-up in the firebox a simple mess free operation
•Huge Ash Pan. This is an ashpan! Designed for maximum capacity and ease of removal
•State-of-the-Art Circuit Board Operation. Operate your pellet stove manually or automatically with the use of a wall thermostat for the ultimate in hands free operation

March Madness is in the air. Looks like we’ve caught it too! Our March Madness could lead to one of the best descisions you’ve made this year, one that will keep you and your family warm and cozy next year.