Whitfield Profile 30 interactive freestanding pellet stove parts list

We now have an interactive parts list for the Whitfield Profile 30 pellet stove that shows every part including higher quality after market alternatives that are less expensive than the factory replacements. You can positively identify your stove by looking it up on the master parts list and by comparing to the manuals available on our web site.

Click here to find parts for your Profile 30 freestanding pellet stove on this new interactive parts list. 

Cleaning your pellet stove – Whitfield Profile 30 partial review


We found this video on You Tube and realized that it could be valuable to our customers even if we don’t necessarily agree with the technique used in all aspects. Here this fellow is cleaning a Whitfield Profile 30 or 20 pellet stove but we suggest that you make sure your vacuum has a super filter system, don’t suck up hot ashes and use wood stove glass cleaner not the stuff for gas stoves that he shows on the video. This video is beneficial for showing you the way that trap doors in heat exchangers, burn pot and baffle plates will need to be removed for a proper, thorough cleaning. Use the instructions for your specific stove in the owners manual that came with it. You can find pellet stove owner’s manuals on our web site here  http://woodheatstoves.com/owner-tech-manuals-c-291.html