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Manchester wood stove from Hearthstone stoves for high capacity and high efficiency heating

Hearthstone Manchester wood stove

Hearthstone Manchester wood stove

Exciting news! Hearthstone has just released the Manchester wood stove after almost 5 years of in-house testing. The stove is fully made out of high quality cast iron and features a convective air system with an integrated cast iron heat exchanger that delivers tremendous amounts of heat.The firebox is lined with soapstone to capture heat and release it back slowly and evenly for a more consistent temperature over the burn cycle. A large glass door gives you an unobstructed view of the fire and large front and side loading doors make it easy to get those long, big chunks of wood leaded. The Hearthstone Manchester can be top or rear vented, making it adaptable to any location.

Clearances for a large stove like this are exceptional, with a minimum rear clearance of only 6″ to combustibles with double-wall pipe and optional rear heat shield.

Clearances (With single wall pipe & no rear heat shield)
Side 18″
Rear 16″
Corner 9″

Clearances (With double-wall pipe & rear heat shield)
Side 16″
Rear 6″
Corner 9″

We have the Hearthstone Manchester on sale at 10% off at introductory pricing just in time for Fall!

Hearthstone’s sales policies require dealers sell only to customers within their local area. Click here to go to the “dealer locator” to find your nearest dealer. For those who don’t have local dealers within 50 miles prepared to serve them, call toll free 1-877-265-8618 or email us at

Another Happy International Customer

We would like to thank you for the heat shield we bought off you for our woodburner it is exactly what we wanted we tried to get hold of one in the uk but nobody was interested in trying to help us. We have never seen them for sale in the UK, the people who sell the fires are not interested once they have sold you a fire. Your service and parcel tracking were absolutely superb. We do not get service like yours in britain they could learn a lot from people like you. Once again many thanks for your help its good to see firms like yours still exist.
Caithness, Scotland.

Summer is the best time to prepare for next Winter

It seems like it went from Winter to Summer in the blink of an eye. It can do the same thing in reverse. That’s why Summer is the best time to prepare for next Winter. If you burn wood, you have plenty to do and we can help.

The first thing you should do is get your wood together, because it takes at least a season to dry, maybe less out here in our hot and dry California summers.. Wet wood burns about as well as a damp rag so make sure it has plenty of time to cure.

Windsor_WR300007If you’re still burning your favorite old pre-EPA Earth Stove, we have Earth Stove replacement parts for many of the older models, and now is the time to fix it up and make sure it’s in good working order. But why not make this the year you upgrade to an efficient EPA model that will burn half the wood for the same amount of heat as your old model? After all, it takes time, effort and money to buy or cut the wood and stack it so why not make the most of it? We have both new and used wood stoves for sale.

We also have Wood Stove Chimney for making any necessary repairs, as well as some helpful videos to show how it goes together, and Chimney Brushes and Rods to keep it clean and ready for the first cold snap in the Fall. Just like Summer snuck up on us here in California, it WAS snowing just about 2 weeks ago, Winter can do the same thing and that’s not the time you want to be replacing that chimney cap or sweeping last Winter’s creosote out of your chimney.

Take care of your stove now and it will take care of you next Winter. Then you can relax and go swimming, ride your bike in the sunshine, or relax under a shady tree with a cold beer knowing you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

The Earth Stove and Earth Stove parts- still popular today

Remember the Arab oil embargo back in the 70′s? It started in October 1973 when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia), proclaimed an oil embargo which created the long term possibility of high oil prices or even oil shortages. This caused panic in the US as people had to wait in long lines at the gas stations to fill up their car and the possibility of not being able to heat their home was a real concern. That’s when the wood stove explosion took off. New “airtight” stoves that could be controlled, unlike a fireplace or “Franklin style” stove, started appearing to meet the demand. Timberline, Fisher and Earth Stove were some of the leaders in this wood stove revolution. You almost never hear Fisher or Timberline mentioned anymore but the Earth Stove, now owned by Lennox, is still popular today. While Lennox discontinued the Earth Stove line of stoves, they continue to supply Earth Stove parts for many older models, some dating back to the 80′s. I’m always amazed by how many calls and emails we get from loyal Earth Stove owners looking for Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts.

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

One of the most commonly requested Earth Stove replacement parts is firebrick. We not only have available the special bricks used in Earth Stoves, but also Earth Stove parts lists with brick patterns for many models. The first step is to IDENTIFY YOUR STOVE, then find your model on the PARTS LIST. Once you find the part number for what you need, just place it in the SEARCH BOX it find it. You can use this process to find any part on our website.

Other popular Earth Stove replacement parts are glass, gasket, handles and blowers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the parts list or in a search on our website, send us an email with your make, model and serial number, along with a description of the part needed to and we will be happy to help. We also carry owners, installation and service manuals for many stoves including hard to find older Earth Stove Wood Stove Manuals.

Many people have had a long love affair with their Earth Stove and want maintain it in tip top condition, keeping their house warm and cozy. has many Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts to help you keep your Earth Stove working to heat your home for years to come.

Starting a Wood Fire in your stove, insert or fireplace

Starting a fire is a crucial wood burning skill. The objective is more than getting wood in the firebox to burn; the process must “start” the chimney properly so that combustion and draft reach a selfsustaining level.
There are many ways to build a fire. In general, the basic principle is to light easily ignitable tinder or paper, which ignites fast-burning kindling, which in turn ignites slower burning firewood. Be sure the room is adequately ventilated and the venting system unobstructed. If the stove tends to smoke when first lit, a draft may be induced by burning one or two sheets of lightly crumpled newspaper.
Occasionally, this must be done two or three times to establish an updraft. It may also help to slightly open a nearby door or window.
With these preparations completed, fire starting can follow procedures such as these:

1. Place several wads of crushed or loosely knotted paper in the front of the firebox. Use plenty of newspaper since the objective is a quick hot fire that “starts” the chimney.

2. Lay small dry sticks of kindling on top, criss-crossing them if possible. Be careful to avoid blocking the lower primary air opening below the door. The size and dryness of the firewood and draft conditions determine the amount of kindling needed; it is better to use too much rather than too little


4. Light the paper and close the door(s). Cracking the door slightly open may be done with care to increase turbulence and startup speed, but NEVER LEAVE THE APPLIANCE UNATTENDED WITHOUT CLOSING AND LATCHING THE DOOR PROPERLY. Over firing and damage can result. NEVER LIGHT OR REKINDLE A FIRE WITH KEROSENE, GASOLINE, CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID OR OTHER FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS; BODILY INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT.

5. Once the kindling is burning quickly, add at least 3 full-length split logs of up to 3 to 4 inches across. Be careful not to smother the fire. Stack the pieces of wood carefully, near enough to keep each other hot, but far enough away to allow adequate air flow between them. It is often helpful to rest a log on top of the lower primary air opening. This procedure may appear oversimplified to people familiar with wood burning, but the addition of too few logs is a common problem for inexperienced wood burners. Some woodburners prefer an alternate method of placing small logs discussed here on top of the kindling before lighting the paper. This method avoids opening the appliance door and cooling the firebox, but it works best with relatively dry fuel.

6. Analyzing and evaluating startup is an essential skill. Knowing how much paper and kindling, when to add firewood, firewood condition, and anticipating weather and draft conditions, manipulating combustion air and turbulence comes with experience and analytical observation. The basic criterion for each step is its result in the firebox. If the paper and kindling fire is growing in intensity, logs can be added. If, after a minute or two, the fire is not growing again in intensity, the operator can increase the air by slightly opening the door. If the fire is still lazy, knotted newspaper can be added carefully and quickly to give the chimney quick heat.

7. Another basis of evaluating startup and operation is with temperature gauges. Surface or probe thermometers give an objective readout of fire building progress. The thermometer position (on the appliance or connector) and the significance of different temperatures must be known either from manufacturer or dealer’s instructions or from experience.
Startup is accomplished when the fire and draft are self-sustaining. The air control can be reduced to an efficient and comfortable burn rate. It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions in and adjusting air controls. The less air supplied to the fire, the lower and slower the fire will burn, more air produces hotter fires. A thermometer is especially helpful in establishing clearly that startup has been attained. Some gauges also have alarms to warn of over firing.

Used with permission: HEARTH Education Foundation “Woodstove Specialist Training Manual”
©HearthStone Quality Home Heating Product Inc.
06/28/2002 TB73 – Starting a Wood Fire.doc
Technical Bulletin #73
General Information Tip
Publication Date: March 1, 2002
Re: All Woodstoves

The Windsor WR244e is the lowest cost wood stove on the market.

The Windsor WR244e is the lowest cost modern EPA Phase II wood stove on the market.
This little stove will heat up to 1,000 square feet. Click here to find it on our web site.
Click here for the Windsor WR244 brochure.
Click here for the Windsor WR244 manual.
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Wood Stove Chimney Installation specs with offset charts & DVL close clearance connector adaptor

Here are some general guidelines and tips for installation of wood stove chimney pipe. Always thoroughly study the manufacturer’s installation manual to determine how and where each system will be assembled. Click here to find the White Metal Twin Stack class A chimney pipe we are featuring for sale. 

Wood & Pellet Chimney installation diagrams

Here are a few of the many possible Wood & Pellet Chimney installations outlined in diagrams. These diagrams came from certain specific pipe manufacturer’s who are listed but these same types of installations can be accomplished with a wide variety of pipe manufacturer’s products. You will find our favorite and most economically priced versions featured here on our web site. We offer all currently available pipe systems upon request so send us an email to with make model and parts information or photos for other parts you might need.

Here are some different chimney installation options for Wood or Pellet stoves depending on your particular home. We have these and other particular brands of pipe ready to ship to you for installation. We have all of these parts ready to order and can help you select the correct chimney parts for your installation. Click here to find the installation pipe on our web site. After reviewing these options email us at if you need further assistance.