The Earth Stove and Earth Stove parts- still popular today

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Remember the Arab oil embargo back in the 70′s? It started in October 1973 when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia), proclaimed an oil embargo which created the long term possibility of high oil prices or even oil shortages. This caused panic in the US as people had to wait in long lines at the gas stations to fill up their car and the possibility of not being able to heat their home was a real concern. That’s when the wood stove explosion took off. New “airtight” stoves that could be controlled, unlike a fireplace or “Franklin style” stove, started appearing to meet the demand. Timberline, Fisher and Earth Stove were some of the leaders in this wood stove revolution. You almost never hear Fisher or Timberline mentioned anymore but the Earth Stove, now owned by Lennox, is still popular today. While Lennox discontinued the Earth Stove line of stoves, they continue to supply Earth Stove parts for many older models, some dating back to the 80′s. I’m always amazed by how many calls and emails we get from loyal Earth Stove owners looking for Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts.

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

Earth Stove FB3 firebrick

One of the most commonly requested Earth Stove replacement parts is firebrick. We not only have available the special bricks used in Earth Stoves, but also Earth Stove parts lists with brick patterns for many models. The first step is to IDENTIFY YOUR STOVE, then find your model on the PARTS LIST. Once you find the part number for what you need, just place it in the SEARCH BOX it find it. You can use this process to find any part on our website.

Other popular Earth Stove replacement parts are glass, gasket, handles and blowers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the parts list or in a search on our website, send us an email with your make, model and serial number, along with a description of the part needed to and we will be happy to help. We also carry owners, installation and service manuals for many stoves including hard to find older Earth Stove Wood Stove Manuals.

Many people have had a long love affair with their Earth Stove and want maintain it in tip top condition, keeping their house warm and cozy. has many Earth Stove wood stove replacement parts to help you keep your Earth Stove working to heat your home for years to come.

43 thoughts on “The Earth Stove and Earth Stove parts- still popular today

  1. I have an earth stove don’t know what model got it used and was cleaning it out can’t tell if its years if build up or some kind of actual cement on the bottom should I leave it there and just take the ash out

  2. I am in need of a certification for insurance purposes. Is my stove UL certified or meets the UL certifications?

    Don Coleman

  3. I have an earth stove but cannot find the model or seriel # i would like to know what is that square box in the back with the flap that opens and closes from the top looks like a wire hanger should i leave it in the open postion or closed when the firewood is burning? Thank you

  4. I have a earth stove insert in a house I bought and I need to rebuild the fan. Do they sell parts for that? It is very noisey.

  5. hi this is Vladimir. I bought the stove The earth stove with fan. these plastic fans are out of order. where can I buy them. model = BAYVIEW 4000. SERIAL # E 1531

  6. I need a transition from the draft control to 8 inch stainless flex pipe on a earth stove fireplace insert model number c200r. Where do you think I might find it.

    • If you send an email to with dimensions of the opening and/or photos then we can probably find adaptors to suit that transition. We don’t check the blog for comments and replies very often but answer all emails within 24 hours.

  7. I have an earth stove supplied by The Earth Stove Company. Model BV4000C and I need the stainless steel clip that holds the catalytic combustor in place. I also need instructions on how to position the catalytic combustor in the stove. There are two sides to the combustor, one side has metal vents and the other has none. Do the vents face outward or in toward the baffle of the stove?

  8. My earth stove has the ceramic door insert and a scalloped edge on the “bib”. What is the stove pipe size?

    • You should be able to measure the inside diameter to determine pipe size. Most of those models were in 101 series and 7 or 8 inches.
      In the future please send emails to us at for prompt replies since we don’t check the blog comments as regularly.

      Bruce & Wood Heat Crew

  9. I have an earth stove 100 series. I.C.B.O. no. is 3340 and the serial number is GGA-0609. I am needing the stove door handles. There are two of them. Where can i ge them ane how much. have looked everywhere.

    • That stove was made back in the early to mid 80s and there are very few parts still available. There is a process on the top of every page on our website for finding parts. That will take you to a parts list where spring handles are available. If you need more help, email us at

  10. I’m needing the ceramic medallion for The Earth Stove 100 series…round ceramic medallion usually yellow and orange. Are you guys able to obtain one or have one for sale?

    • This stove is extremely old (MODEL YEARS: 1980 – 1984) and there are very few parts still available, including the medallion. You are strongly encouraged to replace it with an EPA approved stove (after about 1990) that would be more efficient (burn about half the wood for the same amount of heat) and be less polluting.

  11. I have a Earth stove insert and I have had it since 1992 bought new. It work great and I am in need of new bricks for the inside. Can you help me please. It is a BV-4000c Earth Stove. Thank you and God bless you.
    I would like to replace them all.

  12. I have a 1000 series earth wood stove and need to replace the fire brick but cannot locate on your site, please advise.

  13. Hello. I have read all the comments here on my phone search for assistance. I don’t understand how the little door with the wire just above the butterfly damper does anything. I just inherited this stove with the trailer I purchased. I can’t seem to control the burn. It either goes out, or gets to burning good and poof the wood is gone. I can’t get it to last all night no matter what I do. I guess I’ll have to go to the library and search for a manual and new door gasket. Thank you.

  14. I own a Earth Wood Stove model 3340 / series 100 / serial GA B2396. I need the replacement blower or a generic one with minimal alterations. Any help will be appreciated.

  15. I have an earthstove 100 series. Serial number MAA2582. I need the flame shield that goes inside the stove, any idea where to get parts for them?. Email back please thank you.

  16. I have an earth stove “the Barth Stove” model number T100sct. I need to replace the hinge pins allowing the fire door to swing open and shut. Thanks for your assistance.

  17. I recently bought an older Earth stove and have been all over the internet and can’t find much about it. Tag on the back says 300 series, 3340 and 1038. Looks similar to most earth stove pics I am finding, especially the 100 series but has no legs, body of stove goes all the way to the floor and sits on 2 runners and flue goes out rear of stove, top left corner if you facing the door. Has temp control, rear drafter damper/chase just like the others I have seen. I am in search of fire brick, especially the center brick with draft holes. Problem I am having is existing brick is 2″ thick and extremely light compared to the common 1 1/4 brick readily available. Any advice other than replace all to the 1 1/4 brick?

  18. just came across a Earth Stove BV4000c in real good shape except that both hinge points on door are broken and i cant find a door anywhere. Any suggestions? can i make a replacement piece and have it welded. The hinge pins are still on the insert where the door slides down on the hinge is broken off on both hinge slots

  19. We love our Earth Stove 1000 series. However we’d love it more with a glass door. Do you know if we can replace our current iron door with the ceramic medallion with an iron door with glass?

    • Hi,
      We offer a really good system for correctly finding parts on the top of every page on our website – START HERE TO FIND YOUR PART. There you will find parts lists for specific Earth Stove models. In general, glass doors are not available for older Earth Stoves.

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