Whitfield Pellet Stove Fireback

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Whitfield Advantage II-T, III & II-T Classic – Fireback

$110.00 This is a 3 piece Premium FireTekTM Fireback – Firebrick set
Dimensions – Sides – 5 7/16″ wide x 12-3/4″ Tall, Back 8 5/16″ wide x 12 3/4″ tall

This part is the ceramic fiber, brick appearance panel on the back wall of the firebox.

This part is designed to fit these models:

ADVANTAGE II , ADVANTAGE II-T MODEL YEARS: 1990 – 2000 (Serial # 18145 and up) Pellet, Freestanding and Insert, WP2
ADVANTAGE III MODEL YEARS: 1991 – 1996 (Serial # 18145 and up)
Advantage II-T Classic Pellet, Freestanding and Insert, WP2

Whitfield – Lennox┬áReplacement Part Number 12146500

Beware that many fireboxes have warped over use and the fit may vary. This material can be cut with a table saw or sanded and shaved to fit the unique fit in your stove.

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