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Chimney Cleaning

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Gas, Wood, and Pellet Stoves Cleaning and Maintenance

Your stove has had a season of hard work it's time to show your appreciation for its trouble free operation by going thru recommended annual service as listed in your stove manual (we offer these for many units on our web site).

Brushes and Rods
On all pellet and woodstoves you will need cleaning brushes and rods for the vent pipes (available on our web site under chimney cleaning). Be sure to consider where all this soot is going as you brush these pipes and have tarps and shop vacuums ready to keep the soot out of the air and off of the floor. Beware that you don't push the soot into parts of the stove that are harder to clean out when you are done.

Replacement parts
Electrical components: Blowers get covered with dust and animal fur during the season and lose their efficiency until they are cleaned with a duster brush and vacuum. Bearings where out and now is the time to replace blowers and other motors that are getting noisy as their first sign the failure is imminent. You will find most of these parts on our web site or contact us by email and we will find the parts you need if we can.

Gas Stoves
Gas stoves build up soot around the logs, pilot assemblies and burners, after a season of use. Usually a professional gas service man is best for this task but some more technically oriented customers do their own maintenance. Your manual is the best resource for instructions on this task. The pilot assembly and pilot generators are the most common parts needing cleaning, adjustment or replacement. The can be tested with a multimeter for the millivolts that they generating and compared to the minimum specifications.

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