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6" Interior Stovepipe

This category includes Interior stovepipe for 6" configurations. ALWAYS install with CRIMPS DOWN.

All stove pipe should be installed with the crimped end/male end facing down so that liquid creosote will drip into the stove instead of outside of the pipe. All joints should be secured with 3 sheet metal screws at each joint. A slip connector section is almost always needed to adjust the length and get the proper overlap on all joints. Stoves should always be vented thru a chimney system that is the same size diameter as the stove flue. If necessary a larger chimney pipe can be used but the draft/performance will be reduced for the stove. Unless otherwise specified by the stove or pipe manufacturer's listed instructions all single wall stovepipe can be no closer than 18" to a combustible surface measured perpendicular to the pipe. Pipe shields can be added to reduce the clearance to combustibles to 6". A double wall pipe can also be used to reduce these clearances. Reducing pipe clearances is often required to use the reduced stove clearances to walls and conserve space and hearth size. Contact us at for more assistance as needed.

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