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Earth Stove Gas Parts

The Earth Stove company was independently building their full line of Wood, Gas & Pellet Stove from the late 1970s to around 2000 when the company was sold to the Lennox company who briefly built some of their stoves before stopping production of all of these stoves and no longer produced stoves under that brand name. We have been dealers for Earth Stove thru most of their history and have parts for many of these stoves but they are becoming less and less available as Lennox is no longer claiming to supply parts on stoves over 10 years old. We also have many resources for aftermarket parts that can be used for these stoves. Use the Lennox older parts list and owners and technical service manuals on our web site to identify parts you need and email us at if you cannot find what you need. supply the make, model and serial number for your stove and any parts descriptions and parts numbers for items you are looking for.

Monthly Specials For August

Blower Kit, room air
Blower Kit, room air
$504.00  $453.60 Save: 10% off

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