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Hearthstone Tucson Gas Stove Black Enamel B Vent model 8720

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  • Model: 8720BlkEnam-HS
  • Shipping Weight: 250lbs
  • Manufactured by: Hearthstone

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Tucson Gas-Fired Stove B Vent Model #8720 - with Natural draft venting
This model is only available in Black porcelain finish with 
Orion Black Granite Stone Set

1 only showroom display model  Reg. $2088. Sale $1774.

Heating Area: Up to 1,200 sq. ft.
Burn Rate Range: B-Vent: 13,000 - 26,000 BTUs / hr.Vent-Free: 13,500 - 20,000 BTUs / hr.
Steady State Efficiency: Direct-Vent: 75 – 88% B-Vent: 80 – 86% Vent-Free: 99%
EnerGuide Rating: 62.7%

For  Direct Vent Model  #8701 click here - For Vent-Free Model #8745 contact us by email or phone for pricing

The Tucson is a powerful gas heater, hardworking enough to keep smaller spaces wonderfully warm. The B Vent/Natural Draft gas stoves are less costly to purchase and usually save $200 or more on the venting system compared to the direct vent/DV models. This is one of the few modern B Vent gas stoves available. The Tucson’s stone and cast iron design helps distribute heat quickly and evenly, while its cast iron double heat exchanger helps maximize heating efficiency. And, with an adjustable flame control, the Tucson lets you control the amount of heat you want... either for greater warmth, or just the romantic ambiance of gentle flames. It’s also among our most versatile gas-fired stoves, available in three different venting configurations to make installation simple and convenient.
The Polished Grey Soapstone is included with the stove. Other stone types can be selected as an optional upgrade from the selection listed below.

Compact cabinet
Requires little floor space; heat output fits smaller home areas.
Large fire viewing area; realistic logs and flame picture
A perfect focal point for relaxation and enjoyment.
Adjustable heat output
All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.
Certified room heat with double heat exchange system
Increased stove efficiency; less heat lost up the chimney means more usable heat for less money.
Millivolt ignition system
Stove can operate without electricity; excellent source of heat during power outages.
Wall thermostat
Thermostat turns stove on and off; maintains the home at preset comfort level; desired heat is maintained automatically. Optional programmable thermostat is also available.
No hearth required
Stove can be installed directly on a wooden floor so less floor space is required; installation costs are less.
Variable speed fan with thermostat (optional)
Heated air is moved throughout the home for more uniform temperature. Thermostat monitors stove body temperatures and automatically controls fan (not available on vent-free model).
Remote controls (optional)
Simple "on/off" and thermostatic remote controls allow the fire to be controlled from across the room.
B Vent Natural Draft venting
B Vent/Natural Draft gas stoves cost less to install than the Direct Vent models. They need a 4" B Vent pipe to pass thru the roof and may not be terminated on a side wall.
Through the roof venting option
Stove can be installed in an interior location with the vent pipe terminating above the roof. Stove can also be installed through an existing fireplace or Class A chimney using special adapters; great option if replacing a woodstove.
Propane conversion & Gas Stove Installation
Gas stove and gas pipe installation requires a licensed contractor for all aspects including conversion to LP/propane fuel from factory installed natural gas components. The propane/LP conversion kit is included with each stove but may need different orifices if your installation is over 2,000 feet above sea level. Consult the owner’s manual for these details.

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