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Waterford pellet stove parts

Waterford pellet stove parts

The original Waterford Erin pellet stove had all of its internal components supplied by the Whitfield company in their Renaissance so all of these parts are pretty much interchangable. You will find the Whitfield Renaissance parts list and manuals by following the guides below.

Watch this video which tells you how to positively find parts for your pellet stove.
Use the Finding Parts Guide to assist you in finding anything you need by clicking here. 

We have some generic stove parts that can fit Waterford stoves but this company has pulled out almost all of there resources from the USA.

See if you can find what you need thru the parts list and send us an email to for specific parts you cannot find. Be forewarned that many parts are no longer available. We do have a blower and control panel rebuilding service which might be the only alternative on some discontinued parts.

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