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Whitfield Advantage Optima 2 Pellet Stove Parts

Whitfield Optima 2 Pellet Stove

Whitfield Advantage Optima 2 Pellet Stove
Whitfield Models Advantage Optima 2 Freestanding, Optima 3 Freestanding & Insert
Model Years: 2002 - Present
The Advantage Optima 2 pellet stove was manufactured from 2002 - 2005 when Whitfield was sold to Lennox Hearth Products. Now factory original parts are provided through Lennox. Some aftermarket replacement parts with design improvements are also available for the Optima 2 pellet stove. Below are some of the replacement parts available for this Whitfield pellet stove. If you need further assistance email us at

Whitfield Advantage Optima 2 Freestanding & Optima 3 Freestanding & Insert User Manual

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