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Avalon Wood Stoves and Wood Inserts - Clearance sale on all Avalon stoves in stock!

The Avalon freestanding wood stove and insert heats in two important ways: (1) with radiant heat and (2) with convection heat. The radiant heat is the warm, penetrating heat you feel when you come close to the stove. The cheery fire is transferring heat from the interior of the firebox through the heavy steel plate and radiating it to the area surrounding the stove. The five-sided convection chamber draws cool air in at the bottom of the stove, heats it and allows the hot air to naturally flow out at the top of the stove. This flow constantly occurs even without the powerful, optional blower, which will accelerate the movement of air through the stove.
Avalon builds a wood stove for every home from the small Pendleton stove, to the large Olympic, which will accept logs up to 24 inches long.

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