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Fasco Exhaust Blower with Housing 10-1113

  • $176.00

Fasco Exhaust (Combustion) Blower Assembly with Housing. This part includes housing gasket. Works with the following pellet stoves: 

Whitfield: Advantage I - (WP2), Advantage II - (WP2), Advantage II-T - (WP2), Advantage II-T Classic - (WP2), Advantage III - (WP2), Advantage Plus - (WP7), Explorer - (WF1), Frontiersman - (WF2), Legend - (WP1)

Compatible with Whitfield part # 12056010 & 12156009
Breckwell: P20, P22 Maverick, P22 Maverick Insert, P23 Sonora, P23I Sonora Insert, P24 Blazer, P24I Blazer Insert, P26 Cadet, P32i Cadet, P1000 Big E Home & Utility, P2000 Tahoe, P2000I Tahoe Insert, P2700 Mojave, P4000 Classic Cast or "Vermont", P7000 Solstice

Compatible with Breckwell part # A-E-027

This blower also works with the following brands: Aladdin, American Energy, APR Industries (Kozi), Burgress, Earth Stove, Glo King, Hearthland, Avalon, Lopi

NOTE: This blower has a molex plug on the end. The connector may need to be cut and wire nuts used. 


10-1113 is now 10-1123 01/2018

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