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1 RPM Clockwise Auger Motor 12-1010

  • $255.00

Dae Young 1 RPM clockwise auger motor with wires. This aftermarket heavy duty auger motor with 3/8" diameter shaft fits many brands and models of pellet stoves including the following. 

Whitfield :

Advantage I, Advantage II, Advantage II-T, Advantage III. Advantage II-T Classic, Advantage Plus, Optima 2, Optima 3, Profile 20, Profile 30, Cascade, Explorer, Frontiersman, T300P - (T301P, T305P, T308P) Whitfield Feed System, Legend, Prodigy I, Prodigy II, Quest, Quest Plus, Waterford Erin & Renaissance

Compatible with Whitfield part # 12046300 & 12026300 
Compatible with Waterford part # 450531


Integra & Wega

Compatible with Austroflamm part # RPP102658

Avalon & Lopi (Travis):

900 Pellet Insert - Up to serial # 11491, 900 PS, Arbor, Astoria Bay PI, Astoria PS, Avalon AGP - Metering Motor, Avanti PI, Avanti PS, Elan, FoxFire 400 PI - Up to serial # 17699, FoxFire 400 PS, Foxfire PS, Heritage Bay PI, Heritage Bay PS, Leyden PS, Lopi AGP - Metering Motor, Newport Bay PI, Newport PS, Pioneer Bay PI, Pioneer PS, Yankee Bay PI & Yankee PS

Compatible with Travis part # 250-00526 & 90-0191


EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5, Empress FS, Empress FPI, M55 (Agitator Motor), Meridian, Milan, Mini, Solus & Windsor

Compatible with Enviro part # EF-001

Hudson River:

Chatham, Davenport & Kinderhook

Compatible with Hudson River part # EF-001


VF55 (Agitator Motor), VF100 & VF Windsor

Compatible with Vistaflame part # EF-001


100, 100I, Baywin, KSH & Previa

Compatible with Kozi part # MTR12001


GF55, GFI55, GC60 (Agitator Motor) & PR67

Compatible with Regency part # GF55-001 & W190570

Also fits some Pellet Master and Lennox models.

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