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Ceramic Wool Blanket 1/2 inch_cerawool

Ceramic Wool Blanket 1/2 inch_cerawool

  • $20.00

2 foot wide rolls of ceramic fabric for high temperature insulation - also known as cerawool or rock wool.
1/2 inch thick layers of this fabric are commonly used on top of woodstove baffle plates in EPA approved stoves designed since 1990.
1/2" thick cut to length with 1' x 2' minimum order.
For larger sizes just order more units and it will be measured out in 12 " x 24" increments which you can cut to fit your needs. 

Suitable for temperatures up to 3000ºF
Exceptionally resistant to thermal shock
Durable and reduce noise
Low in thermal conductivity
Lightweight and energy efficient
Resistant to corrosion, water and oil damage
Completely free of asbestos Fire proof 
We also supply 1" thick ceramic wool