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Earth Stove Blower Fan_14M22

Earth Stove Blower Fan_14M22

  • $1,164.00

Earth Stove Blower also known as a fan which fits many models including the 1800HT Check the parts list on our web site for your stove model to confirm this or any parts before ordering.This blower was also known as part # 14090 and part#820 in the past. Earth Stove company was purchased by Lennox and they stopped producing these stoves just after 2000 so these parts are only available as long as Lennox chooses to continue building them. This blower was discontinued for a period of time and may stop being produced again without notice. The stove parts list mentions the part#1440 Dial a Temp but this is a unique plug in type rheostat control that is no longer available and is not included with the blower. A rheostat can be added to the cord but this conversion is up to the person installing it and not authorized by us or the manufacturer.  

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