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Jamestown J2000 Freestanding Pellet Stove -J2000-FS

Jamestown J2000 Freestanding Pellet Stove -J2000-FS

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Jamestown J2000 Freestanding Pellet Stove - CLEARANCE SALE The Jamestown Model J2000 is a free-standing stove and can be mounted on legs or as shown on a pedestal with carpet protector. The model shown is adorned with optional brass window trim, gold plated handle, which are optional upgrades.Add an optional hopper extension for another 56Lbs of pellets that's up to 72 hours burn time!Specs:Height: 21.5" pluspedestal 9"=30.5Width: 26"Depth: 24.5"~ Sq. Ft. Htg: 500-2200B.T.U./Hr.: 6K-45KFuel Cap: 58lbs Clearances:Backwall 1"Side standard: 3"Side alcove: 5"Corner standard: 1"Corner alcove: 5"Front: 6"Watch these videos to learn more about Jamestown Pellet Stoves!Features Jamestown Pellet StovesControl Board Jamestown Pellet StovesMaintenance Jamestown Pellet StoveJ1000 and J2000 Owner and Installation ManualGold trim, handle &, trivet shown extra. J2000 comes standard with black trivet, deflector, door handle, carpet protector and pedestal base.