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Low Limit Switch F140 (3/4 inch) heat sensor_F01-140

Low Limit Switch F140 (3/4 inch) heat sensor_F01-140

  • $28.00

Generic aftermarket Low Limit Switch-F140 (3/4 inch diameter)

This part fits many pellet stoves including: Avalon, Whitfield, Lennox, Breckwell Pellet Stoves. Beware that Whitfield pellet stoves use a ceramic disc that actuates at 140 degrees and called their "low limit disc". This part can be found by searching part #12057601.This heat sensor/snap disc may also be a useful replacement for Earth Stove part #15049 to activate the blower as the stove heats up as part of the Part#18125 sensor assembly to Earth Stove gas stoves TG40 & TG440 and others. As it reaches 140 degrees it closes to allow ac power to flow to the blower thru the rheostat and then as it drops to 120 degrees it opens to stop power from flowing to blower.