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Whitfield Photoeye Replacement Kit_14750404

Whitfield Photoeye Replacement Kit_14750404

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Whitfield Photoeye Replacement Kit with bracket - also known as a Proof of Flame Sensor This part is the factory original Whitfield - Lennox part# 14750404 Part#20950068 is the older photoeye design with bracket for units that photoeye inside stove earlier than 2002 had these on serial #5492 and lower but it was recommended be replaced to use kit 14750404 to relocate it at the hopper and is no longer available. For a lower cost Aftermarket Photoeye Only Replacement click hereThis part fits these Whitfield Pellet Stoves:T300P (also known as P11 or P-11 ) (T300P/T301P/T305P/T308P)***Optima 2 FS  Optima 3 FS Optima 3 INS  Profile 20 FS (< Serial # 7494) *Profile 20 FS-2 (> Serial # 7495) Profile 30 FS (< Serial # 11904) **Profile 30 FS-2 (> Serial # 11905) Profile 30 INS (< Serial # 11904) **Profile 30 INS-2 (> Serial # 11905)Lennox part number 14750404(replaces part number 14750127)* H0351- Photo Eye Relocation Kit, units with Serial # lower than #7495 order Kit (relocates Photoeye to top of auger tube at hopper)**H0330- Photo Eye Relocation Kit,units with Serial # lower than #11905 order Kit (relocates Photoeye to top of auger tube at hopper)*** H0352- Photo Eye Relocation Kit, Units with Serial # lower than #5493 order Kit (relocates Potoeye to top of auger tube at hopper)Once you install the "Relocation Kit" you can use the cheaper Photoeye Replacement.Use our Self Service Guide to find anything you need quickly! Click here! 

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