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Country Wood Stove Parts

Properly identify your stove make, model and serial number.

Refer to your owner/install manual and/or technical manual.

Part lists by Model:


Canyon 310

Grandview 230

Grandview 300

Legacy TTOP 260

Performer 210

Striker 160



Canyon C310

Legacy C260

Montlake 230 300

Performer C210

Striker C160

OLD models:

C210/CA210/SWI210 Canyon C310 Striker C/CA160

Performer S210/SA210/SS210/ST210 Canyon S/ST310

Striker S/SA160 Elite E260 Legacy TTOP S260 Convertor C310

MISC Technical Data(older models reference) Not all the product and technical documents for discontinued- Old Country stoves made the transition from Country to Lennox Hearth to IHP.  For the older T-Tops we cannot verify model by the serial number and have no drawings to compare the differences in the body and doors.  IHP no longer has parts for any of these: S230, C40, Air Magnum T-Top .

If you need further assistance send a detailed email to