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Hearthstone Gas Stove Parts

Properly identify your stove make, model and serial number.

Refer to your owner/install manual and/or technical manual.

Part lists by Model:

Bristol 8762

Champlain 8301(5 log) Champlain 8301(6 log) Champlain 8300

DVI-38 8850 DVI-44 8860 DVI-HT 8890

Luno 8160 Modena 8140

Santa Fe 8761 Santa Fe 8780

Sterling 8532 Sterling 8501 Sterling 8531 

Stowe 8320 Stowe 8321 Stowe 8322

Tribute 8050 Tribute 8040

Tucson 8720 Tucson 8700 Tucson 8701 Tucson 8745 Tucson 8702

Tudor 8120

Windsor Bay 8830

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Stove repair can be dangerous with damages to products, property and persons resulting from installation without proper qualifications and training. Whoever orders and installs these parts takes full responsibility for the proper installation of these parts by qualified technicians and any consequences of their handling this process. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar, Inc. and the stove manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages to products, property or persons resulting from purchasing parts or information from our company.