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Earth Stove DISC,FAN 15057 - 60T13 (611015)_15057

Earth Stove DISC,FAN 15057 - 60T13 (611015)_15057

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FAN SPEED DISC, 60T13 (611015) L140-2 This part is most commonly used for Earth Stove Natural Fire pellet stoves and is also called a Fan Speed Disc in their manuals. This snap disc has three wire connections for sensing temperature rise near the control panel and protecting it by turning the convection blowers to full power when it rises over 140 degrees. It overrides the rheostat control. To keep more efficient stove operation and less on-off cycling of the blowers at full power, we recommend that you turn the rheostat dial to low or medium setting once the stove warms up. part # 15057-LX

Note most chimney materials, gaskets and gasket material, control boards, glass replacements, door replacements, refractory kits, electronic parts, valves, refractory kits,  switches and special order items are NON-RETURNABLE items.


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