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Whitfield ULTRAGRATE II Upgrade Kit, W/BASEPLATE KIT_12151264

Whitfield ULTRAGRATE II Upgrade Kit, W/BASEPLATE KIT_12151264

  • $406.00

This is the manufacturer's retrofit upgrade for the original larger Ultragrate 6 7/8" version. Adapter base plate and upgraded smaller grate are for use with the older style Whitfield Advantage II, II-T & III. This change was made due to customers finding too many un-burned pellets in the grate. Smaller 5 14" wide grate increases "popcorning" vigorous pellet burn rate for more thorough, clean and efficient combustion.

 ***A superior aftermarket alternative to this kit (order both parts) uses laser cut stainless steel for superior durability.

PP2199 UNIGRATE™ Adaptor Plate

The combination adaptor plate and burn grate convert the 14 bar, 6-7/8" wide Ultragrate, which enables use of the smaller 5 1/4" grate 12051263. The more narrow grate improves your burn rates and makes further adjustments to your control panel less likely. The factory abandoned the 14 bar 6 7/8" original burn grate and replaced with the smaller 5 1/4" 10 bar "Ultragrate" by adding a base plate to fill in the larger opening.

Replaces these old discontinued part numbers:

12150804 Burnpot & Grate Kit (2.5")
12150802 Burnpot & Grate Kit (4-1/2"; *SN 18145 - 59831)
12150803 Burnpot Kit (without grate; *SN 59832 & up) Note: The Burnpot holds the UltraGrate, which is where the fire takes place.
12150800 Burnpot w/ Gasket (4-1/2" long tube; use with grate #12150700; *SN 7217 - 59831)

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