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Breckwell Convection Fan 11-1210

  • $299.00

This aftermarket blower to replace many other blowers for companies that no longer are available. 
Convection fan (room air) blower made by Fasco. This part has 4 bolt holes on the mounting plate and has spade clip ends. Works with the following pellet and multi-fuel stove models: 

Breckwell: Breckwell P22 Maverick, Breckwell P22I Maverick Insert, Breckwell P23 Sonora, Breckwell P23I Sonora Insert, Breckwell P24 Blazer, Breckwell P24I Blazer Insert, Breckwell P26 Cadet, Breckwell P32i Cadet, Breckwell P1000 Big E Home & Utility (PWA/PCA), Breckwell P2000 Tahoe, Breckwell P2000I Tahoe Insert, Breckwell P2700 Mojave, Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast or "Vermont", Breckwell SP6000 Heartland Pre-2013, Breckwell P7000 Solstice Pre-2013 ONLY

If your stove was made in 1993 or before, you may need an adapter part # 16-1020.

Compatible with Breckwell Part # A-E-033 and A-E-033A

Whitfield: Advantage I serial # 1001 - 7400

Compatible with Whitfield Part # 24220302

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