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Convection Fan_H0222

Convection Fan_H0222

  • $500.00

H0222  CONVECTION BLOWER-FAN KIT, EARTH STOVE, PELLET - the old Earth Stove part number is 15009 and gasket number 15163 - Blower, Room Air, Left. 

The replacement lytherm gasket is included with each blower and sold separately as part number H1884 or the old Earth Stove part number ES-1025.

Note - This blower is used on the Left side AS YOU FACE THE FRONT OF THE UNIT on models MP40, MP240, MP250 and  WP50. This blower is used on Right side for model HP40. Free Earth Stove pellet stove operation manual that we created when these stoves were being produced.

We also have owner's and technical service manuals on our site available for download.

This is an aftermarket replacement and no longer available from the factory. 

You must follow these steps to install properly.

1. Adjustments to mounting flange must be made if not already prepared. To find position of holes to drill on the blower flange you will need to place the gasket on blower flange face. Align the 2 upper holes and mark the lower holes on the flange needed for mounting. Then drill as needed with proper drill bit size of 17/64"

2.You will need to cut the power cord from the original blower at the blower housing. This will be uses as the power cord for the replacement blower.

3.Next strip back the insulation on the power cord about 3 inches carefully, you do not want to cut through the insulation the individual wires and then strip the ends of the black and white wire 1/4 inch back to expose wire for connection. Using a wire retainer secure the prepared end of power cord into the junction box on the new blower housing and using wire connectors make the proper connections.

4. You are now ready to install your replacement blower.


(Earth Stove MP40,250,240,HP40,WP50_H0222 50755-D500-EMW)