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Earth Stove Auger Motor 6 RPM replacement OEM_PP7016 = Earth Stove 15070

Earth Stove Auger Motor 6 RPM replacement OEM_PP7016 = Earth Stove 15070

  • $356.00

Earth Stove Auger Motor 6 RPM with clockwise rotation. This aftermarket version replaces factory original part number 15070. Fits many Earth Stove and Traeger Pellet Stove models as the lower auger motor and includes motor coupler. This motor is self cooling and does not need nor include the same cooling fan blade the factory original. You can find an aftermarket version of the upper cup motor, part number 15060. There are no replaceable components within these motors and it is usually gear box that gets noisy, wears out, and then fails. 

This is an Aftermarket Maxi-Torq™ Auger Motor, TWO YEAR product warranty from DATE OF PURCHASE. Earth Stove/Lennox OEM part number 15070. You can download a PDF version of the Earth Stove / Traditions / Traeger parts list for confirmation of pellet stove parts needed for your stove model on our web site under PELLET STOVE PARTS

Looking for technical help? Wood Heat Stoves & Solar offers Earth Stove, Traditions and Traeger pellet stove manuals are listed under MANUALS on our home page. offers videos for Earth Stove cup motor and auger motor replacement as well as pellet stove maintenance on our YOU TUBE site linked on our home page. 

You may also request us to email you a PDF of our own edited Earth Stove Pellet Stove Maintenance and Operation Tips written by the owner of who has serviced and installed these units for many years. Click on logo in flame on our home page for a guide to finding stove parts at!

SHOP NOTES:Lennox old part #15003915070-PSP15070-LX