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Earth Stove Combustion Blower For TP40 & HP40_custom3GR - 15001-1

Earth Stove Combustion Blower For TP40 & HP40_custom3GR - 15001-1

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This an aftermarket replacement for the Draft Inducer Fan/Combustion Blower for the Earth Stove Natural Fire series including the TP40 & HP40 pellet insert .  This blower replaces the Earth Stove/Lennox part #15001-1 which is no longer available from the manufacturer  (30 cfm version) 

To find the replacement combustion blower for all of the other Earth Stove & Traditions models click here. This part is an aftermarket alternative to the original blower which is no longer available.  These blowers have been the replacement option for many years but may need some realignment of the bracket and/or new mounting holes drilled. You will also need to remove the round adjustment flap from your existing blower and reinstall it on this replacement blower.

Watch this video to see where all of the Earth Stove components are located on this sample HP40 pellet insert which happens to use another version of this combustion blower.


shop notes - 1TDN3-WHSGR