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Earth Stove Pellet Stove Control Board_28M61

Earth Stove Pellet Stove Control Board_28M61

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Earth Stove Pellet Stove Control Board - Natural Fire Series - this panel has a start button and wiring harness to adapt to models with no start button beforehand. 

This panel replaces all previous control boards! It was preceded by many other versions called 0511, 0511S, 1000, Emerson, 2000, etc....This control panel works for all EARTH STOVE Natural Fire Series pellet stoves except the NF2000 which takes part 38120 which is NO LONGER available.

This board works for all of these Earth Stove pellet stoves MP35-50, HP40, TP40, TP440, TP340, WP50, FP60, MP240, MP40, MP250 all except the RP45 which was very rare and was a much simpler version.  

This 28M61 panel also works on the Traeger pellet stoves.

Control Boards are NOT returnable, please be sure you really need one before ordering!!

You can find extensive troubleshooting information, wiring diagrams, parts descriptions and more in the owner's and technical service manuals for these stoves on our web site. 

"Pellet Stove Operation and Maintenance Tips" guide