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Nova Sit LP Regulator for Conversion Kit 820 Hi/Lo_14-7202

Nova Sit LP Regulator for Conversion Kit 820 Hi/Lo_14-7202

  • $184.00

LP - Propane Regulator for Conversion to propane for SIT 820 Nova gas valve.

This kit is the regulator/adapter with hi-lo gas flame adjustment for converting a natural gas valve to LP/propane fuel.

To complete a conversion the burner and pilot orifices are necessary for conversion, must be purchased separately and may or may not be available thru us.

When converting from propane to natural gas the orifice size will need to be larger which is sized according to the specifications on the owner's manual which may need to be derated  to smaller sizes according to specializations for higher elevations. 

Main burner orifices can be drilled to larger sizes with the correct drill bits. The Pilot orifice must replaced by one for the correct fuel. It may be difficult for us to supply these orifices as there are many sizes, shapes and styles.

Sending us a photo of your orifices with dimensions would help us determine if we have them available.

Also, we can get many of them from manufacturers if you send us the make, model and serial number of the stove.

Beware that all gas conversions and repairs should be done by licensed contractor/technician.

We take no responsibility to damages to persons or property from the use of these parts or repairs.

***PLEASE NOTE: NO RETURNS***Gas Valves and Conversion parts ARE not returnable and NOT refundable.