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Whitfield Plate, Auger End (w/ Nylatron Bushing) 12153900

Whitfield Plate, Auger End (w/ Nylatron Bushing) 12153900

  • $131.00

Whitfield pellet stove part number 12153900 - auger endplate with nylatron bushing. 
We also have this lower cost AFTERMARKET version of this part that is immediately available. 

Fits pellet stove models:Advantage I Advantage II Advantage II-T & III Advantage Plus FS Advantage Plus INS Legend

The upgrade to nylatron bearings from the older brass bushings/bearings is recommended for EVERYONE when possible*. If the older style bronze oilite or brass bushing is loose in the mounting plate, your auger motor will periodically stall and can eventually fail completely as this motion strips the gears. As the auger shaft turns so does the bushing, which acts like a disc brake working against the motor. Older style bearings need to be replaced with the newer nylatron bearings.

To test, remove auger motor, empty pellets from hopper, and see how the auger spins in the current bushing. The auger should spin easily with finger pressure when hopper is empty and motor removed. 

Upgrading to the nylatron bushing will increase the lifetime of your auger motor and in many cases is a required step within auger motor warranty period. Coverage may be voided if the auger motor fails and you have not made this change.

Watch our video for more auger motor replacement tips.

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