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High Limit Snap Switch 250_13-1121

High Limit Snap Switch 250_13-1121

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High Limit Snap Disc. This is a 3/4", 250" limit switch. Might need to use longer screws to fit it on some models.

Works with the following models:

Austroflamm: Wega

Compatible with Austroflamm Part # RWZ102659

Lennox: Montage 32FS

Whitfield: Advantage I, Advantage II, Advantage II-T, Advantage II-T Classic, Advantage III, Advantage Plus, Legend, Optima 2, Optima 3, Profile 20, Profile 30, Quest Plus, T300P, T301P, T305P, T308P

Compatible with Whitfield Part # 12147705 and 12127705

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