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Whitfield Renaissance & Prodigy Aftermarket Control & Erin_13056100

Whitfield Renaissance & Prodigy Aftermarket Control & Erin_13056100

  • $571.00

This is an aftermarket replacement for the Whitfield SSAC control board only or the ICM version control boards on Whitfield Renaissance & Prodigy pellet stoves as well as the Waterford brand Erin. This part was originally available as the Whitfield/Lennox/Waterford part #13056100 also known as 13045900
You will receive the circuit board and will need to mount it in the aluminum frame your old board is now installed in and reuse your existing knob. 
These control panels are no long available from Whitfield/Lennox as of 9/10/07.
The SSAC model is distinguished by finding 4 small brass pins for wiring connection of wires to a component on the blower. 
This aftermarket replacement board has the same 4 gold (real gold plating) pins on the back.
If you leave the wire from the SSAC unit unattached, the blower will work just fine because it will control it as the ICM unit would.

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