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Whitifield Advantage I Room Air Blower 24220302_1TDR6-GR

Whitifield Advantage I Room Air Blower 24220302_1TDR6-GR

  • $421.00

Convection Fan - Room Air blower fits the Whitfield Pellet Stove Advantage I (WP2) (Serial # 1001 - 7400 Made from 1985 to 1989)

This is a REPLACEMENT for the factory blower that is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Get yours here today! Whitfield- 24220302 Room Air Blower is now -- 1TDR6-WHS-GR

This blower will require opening the junction box (on blower motor) to attach wires.This blower also serves as replacement for some Advantage II models and we have no information from the factory on where this change took place in serial number ranges so we have a photo for you to compare. This is the replacement for the older black blower on the right side of this photo with the motor on the other side. The blower on the left is the normal replacement for the Advantage II which is part number 12146109 and available by searching for that part number on our web site.