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Wood Heat Stoves & Solar — Advantage II-T pellet stove

Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet freestanding stove & insert brochure for specifications and identification

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The Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove was the most popular model Whtifield made and is identified by the WP2 or "Advantage" on the label and a serial number between 18,145 and 122,301 which became the "Advantage II-T Classic" model. We have published this old brochure for specifications and identification. We have the parts list for this and all Whitfield pellet stoves on our web site here.  We have owner's manuals and some technical manuals ready to download on our web site here. We have about 20,000 wood, gas and pellet stove parts on our web site, ready for you to order....

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