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Wood Heat Stoves & Solar — HP40 Earth Stove door replacement?

**Rare** Earth Stove door p/n G300!

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We offer most of the replacement parts that are still made for Earth Stoves and many other brands, and in this case, a rare part that is no longer available from the manufacturer. All other Earth Stoves models: Pellet stove part lists, Wood stove part lists and Gas stove part lists Earth Stove cast iron door WITH thin hinge pin design. 19" x 12.5"overall dimensions. Contact us by email at for further assistance.  It appears this stove door fits the Earth Stove models 1800HT, BV400/BV400C/BV400C-2 for part number G300. It is unique since it is a rare use of the thin pin hinge method. These...

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