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Annual Service for your Gas Stove - Wood Heat Stoves & Solar

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After spending a weekend at The Union's 28th Annual Home and Garden Show, it became apparent that many who own gas stoves are skipping their annual service call. We in fact ran into some customers from the past who purchased their gas stove years ago and admitted to never having scheduled maintenance. Skipping this crucial maintenance step can keep you from having heat when you need it most. Stoves and inserts using natural gas or propane should be checked annually by a licensed stove technician for proper function. Any time your burner does not respond to the thermostat is an early warning that soon the burner will fail completely. During your service call a trained technician will confirm that the pilot assembly is creating enough electricity to keep both the pilot lit and the thermostat working. A technician will also see that logs and ember beds are properly positioned for a proper clean burn. Your stove is checked for carbon build-up and chemical deposits as well which are inevitable over time and can result in a snowballing effect of soot build up. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar serves Nevada City and the immediate surrounding area. Our trained technician can annually check your gas stove or insert as described in the owner/installation manual*. A typical annual gas service call will cost around $100 an hour, one hour should be sufficient for a "tune up" as long as no repairs or parts are required. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar, Inc. of Nevada City, California *Warning! Gas stoves are very dangerous appliances and faulty repairs can easily lead to explosions causing damages and death. Hire local licensed contractors specializing in gas appliance repairs from your local stove dealer's staff, or a heating and air conditioning service company for efficient and safe repairs. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar, and staff members provide these tips for informative purposes and cannot be liable for damages or injuries resulting from the use of information provided in this article. Hire a trained and licensed stove technician to ensure your own safety and the life of your gas, wood or pellet stove.

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