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Gas Stove "Basic" Winterization

Posted by Roberta Hamilton on

Basic "tips" to get your gas stove or fireplace ready:

  • Clean the outside vent before you use your gas fireplace each season.  Vents can get torn and partially blocked by leaves, spider webs and birds’ nests.  These small items as well as loose brick mortar can be sucked into the vent, block critical air passages and cause the unit to either burn improperly or not at all.
  • Clean the glass at least once a month. An abundance of build-up on the glass can be an indication that the fireplace is not burning as efficiently as it should.  An inefficient gas fireplace wastes money and may give off fatal levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Tighten the glass. If your fireplace’s glass is not held tightly in place, poisonous carbon monoxide may escape into your home.  Moisture and dust can also infect the fireplace’s combustion chamber affecting its efficiency and operation. Also make sure the glass is not scratched or chipped.  In some models, the glass can actually explode if it has such imperfections.
  • Position your logs properly.  If your ceramic logs are positioned improperly, the flame may generate unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide.
  • All unvented gas stoves or fireplaces should be equipped with Oxygen Depletion Sensors that shut off the gas when the level of oxygen in the room gets too low.  So, if your fireplace ever shuts off for no apparent reason and/or you have a slight headache or dizziness, you may have a carbon monoxide problem.  Get some fresh air immediately and have your stove or fireplace inspected.
Don’t wait until it is “Winter” and “Cold” to maintain your heating source.  If you have a stove that is older than 10years, consider having replacement parts on hand even if it is functioning well.  During peak heating season when demand is high from suppliers and manufacturers for replacement stove parts it can be 2-6 weeks or longer depending on the part needed.  Plan ahead and be prepared!  Get ready for winter at the end of winter, don’t wait until fall or later. offers over 50,000 replacement parts or more for most gas, wood and pellet stoves.
"TIPS" are just suggestions for your general information, will not be held liable and use of this information is at your own risk.

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