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Chimney Care

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Chimney Care~~A wood stove is a wonderful way to reduce your heating bill and add aesthetics to your home.  A wood stove can be added to your home easily after construction.  A wood stove chimney carries the smoke and toxic gasses out of your home.  While operating the wood stove, exhaust materials are unburned and wood particles collect on the inside of the chimney pipe.  This buildup is called creosote and can lead to a chimney fire. Always use dry wood for your fire.  Green or wet wood burns less efficiently and creates more creosote formation in your chimney.  Dry fresh cut wood for at least six months before burning.  Keep the wood dry by covering from rain or snow. Burn small, hot fires A small, hot fire creates less creosote.  Do not overload or crowd your wood stove, these fires burn cooler and slower.  Be sure to read your manufacturer's instructions for your stove to learn how to use the damper to burn the most efficient fire. Clean the Chimney   You must clean and inspect your chimney at least once a year or more if the creosote builds up to a quarter inch.  Burning green or wet wood will require cleaning more often as creosote will buidup faster. Your chimney is crucial to making your fireplace or stove safe and enjoyable. Chimney Diagram

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