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Earth Stove Bayfire XL burner & GBV40 gas stove burner assemblies for sale

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After selling and installing Earth Stove wood, gas and pellet stoves for over 20 years, we are clearing out parts left in our warehouses, like these Earth Stove Bayfire XL burner & GBV40 gas stove burner assemblies for sale. "Bayfire XL Natural convertible gas burner tubes, valve, pilot assembly, etc.. and array of parts" NEW and UNUSED  You will find these parts listed on Page 28 of this parts list - 51053 (*8) Burner Tube, Set (Main Burner and Ember Burner) 52L05 (*14) Valve, Control, SIT - Natural Gas (25060) 42M2101 Pilot Assembly, Natural Gas 26M76 Pilot Tube Kit, 0.199.620, 24”,
GBV40 earth stove burner tube, burner tray, Nova Sit valve, pilot assembly new out of box LP/Propane convertible to natural gas if needed- serial # 03056 The GVB40 burner assembly we have includes all these parts except on/off switch and battery box. We cannot tell if this burner is the OLDER or NEWER VERSION? It is entirely up to buyer to confirm that it fits their model. This parts list can help you identify all the original parts for these stoves. OLDER VERSION GBV40 (1997-1999) Earth Stove Gas (click the link for parts and ordering) GBV40 Gas, B-Vent, Freestanding MODEL YEARS: 1997 – 1999 34091 Burner Tube Assembly, Main (fits units manufactured prior to 3/99) (not sure of newer or older version . 42M2201 Pilot Assembly, Propane (new style w/detachable pilot hood. Fits all revisions of this model. Replaces P/N 45063H. Pilot includes pilot tube) * Newer 1999-2000 GBV40 (1999-2000) Earth Stove Gas  GBV40 Gas, B-Vent, Freestanding MODEL YEARS: 1999 – 2000 64022H Burner Tube Assembly, Main 

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