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Energy Savings and Efficiency in Solar and Woodstoves, Pellet stoves

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Today's soaring energy prices call for a new approach to heating and powering our homes for the future. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar has specialized in energy management since 1981. Heating is the single largest residential energy expense but water heating, lighting and cooling are also significant. All of these can be accomplished more efficiently. Energy efficiency improvements can pay for themselves within a few years followed by many years of no or low cost energy. Solar Water Heating can often pay for itself in 4 years and offer free hot water for 20 years or more! Many systems are designed without a single moving part and silently perform for the life of the home. Solar water heating systems can work well in conjunction with a tankless water heater because only the minimum amount of energy is used to bring the water to your desired temperature. Solahart L series, roof mounted solar hot water heater


Solatube skylight tubes utilize their patented technology that is by far superior to any competitor for daylight capture and transmission dawn to dusk even through many yards of their “Spectralight” tubing at angles up to 90 degrees. You will even enjoy beautiful soft light on moonlit nights. Solatubes block UV transmission protecting your possessions and do not allow heat loss or gain. A Solatube can be installed in as little as two hours. Traditional skylights gain too much heat in the summer and lose so much heat during the winter that their lighting contributions are terribly compromised with inefficiency. Solatubes are available in 10″ and 14″ residential and 21″ commercial models with options including ventilation, daylight dimmers and light kits. Consider replacing your noisy bathroom fan with a Solatube with vent kit to brighten and refresh your bathroom. Solatubes qualify for 30% federal energy tax cuts. 10" Solatube Skylight -160DS


Solar Star solar powered attic fans pull heat out of your attic as soon as the sun enters the sky and continue all day long evacuating 1200 square feet of attic space at 800 CFM during peak operation. They can be installed on the roof, an existing power vent or in the gable or dormer vents. Their quiet operation is a wonderful alternative to noisy, inefficient electric attic fans. SolarStars can be installed in as little as two hours and your savings begin immediately.                                                                                       Solar powered attic fan

Photovoltaic Electricity

PG&E offers large rebates paying for about 40% of the system while federal government offers additional 30% tax credits, making the system capable of paying for itself within 10 years or less and then supplying free electricity for another 25 years or more. Watch your electric meter spin backwards or slow to a crawl.

Zone Heating

You already knew that Wood Heat Stoves & Solar is tops in product knowledge, service and installation of zone heating appliances whether gas, wood or pellet; stoves, inserts or fireplaces. Our products are designed to save your energy dollars and our expertise will ensure that you are purchasing a product to suit your needs.

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